Trey Kay Published

Us & Them: Abortion Divides


Do you disagree with any of your close friends or family members about abortion? When’s the last time you actually talked about it? For many of us, the abortion debate defines Us & Them and sometimes, we feel it better to avoid the subject altogether.

Recently, several states have enacted laws restricting access to abortion services. Some states have signed laws banning the proceedure and next year, the U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that could change the right to legal abortion.

For this episode, Trey visits the protest line at West Virginia’s only center that offers affordable access to abortion — to see if people can talk across this divisive topic. He also sits down with Margaret Chapman Pomponio, executive director of West Virginia Free and Karen Cross, the Political Director for the National Right to Life Committee. Marisa Helms, co-produced this report