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'Gold Rush' Is On; State Golden Trout Stocking Begins

Glade Creek’s beauty took on a much richer, golden rainbow hue on Monday as the sixth annual Gold Rush got underway. The state's largest fish stocking initiative highlights the golden rainbow trout. 

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Teaching Healthy Habits And W.Va. Chefs Nominated For Award On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, more than a decade ago, Huntington made headlines as the “fattest city in the nation.” We listen to an excerpt from our latest episode of Us & Them with host Trey Kay Kay, where we look at continuing efforts to teach healthy habits in West Virginia.

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WVPB TV Series Edible Mountain Premieres Monday, March 20

Edible Mountain follows botanists, conservationists, and enthusiastic hobbyists in the field as they provide insight on sustainable forest foraging. The episodes are designed to increase appreciation and accessibility to the abundance found in Appalachia, celebrating the traditional knowledge and customs of Appalachian folk concerning plants and their medical, religious, and social uses.

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The Love Of Competition, Inside Appalachia

Appalachians love to compete. Whether it’s rec league softball, a turkey calling contest or workplace chili cookoffs… Mountain folks are in it to win it. But there’s more to competing than just winning or losing. In this show, we’ll also meet competitors who are also keepers of beloved Appalachian traditions.

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