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A KY Comedian Ducks A Flying Bottle And A Talk With The WV Poet Laureate

For working comedians, mean-spirited hecklers are part of the job. But what happens when someone gets angry enough to throw a beer? And, West Virginia poet laureate Marc Harshman had his own experience with an intimidating gig. We also hear some advice for people caring for aging relatives. You’ll hear these stories and more this week, Inside Appalachia.

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Listen: Kyshona's 'Cleft Of The Rock' Is Our Mountain Stage Song Of The Week

Listen this week for an encore show featuring performances by Peter Mulvey, SistaStrings, Kyshona, Jill Sobule, and Smith & Sollee.

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Hanging Out With The Lincoln County Cloggers

Over the phone, Tosha Smith explained that the Lincoln County Cloggers had suspended classes for new cloggers for the first half of 2023. They were preparing for the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in April and didn’t have time to devote to newbies. “We’ll offer that class for beginners in the fall,” she said. “But you could still come out for a lesson.”

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