Corporate Support

When your organization sponsors West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s radio, television or digital programming, the benefits are specific and unmatched by other mediums. WVPB’s engaged audience desires reliable media that is impactful and engaging.

We deliver established news, enthusiastic entertainment, and trustworthy educational programming to a diverse audience. When your organization supports the programming West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s viewers, listeners and readers love, our audiences are significantly more likely to support your organization.

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Why Should You Support WVPB?

Sponsorship Benefits

Your clear and direct sponsorship messages will stand out in an uncluttered environment and will make the most of a highly credible atmosphere. This gives West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s audience the chance to take action and support your brand.

Audience Engagement

West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s highly engaged audience desires content that informs and inspires.

  • Educated – Our audience values education and makes it a life-long priority.
  • Influential – They create word of mouth influence throughout corporate and social networks.
  • Affluent – With discretionary income, they have vast purchasing power.
  • Business Leaders – They own businesses, have careers in government and related positions in the private sector.
  • Community – They lead and participate in community initiatives.

NPR is the #1 and #2 drive time news/talk radio programs in America

89% of listeners agree that NPR provides information not provided by other media outlets

WVPB Radio

NPR Is Impactful and Engaging

  •     80% of NPR listeners consider NPR “personally important” to them
  •     82% of NPR listeners take action in response to something heard on NPR
  •     73% of NPR listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR
  •     70% of NPR listeners prefer to do business with companies that support NPR

NPR Is Influential

The NPR audience is comprised of leaders in the private and public sector or their own entrepreneurial ventures

  •     104% more likely to work in top management
  •     69% more likely to be C-suite
  •     113% more likely to be a self-employed professional


WVPB TV is educational, established, and enthusiastic

  •     88% of PBS viewers agree that ongoing learning through life is very important
  •     PBS viewers are 86% more likely to have investments worth $250K+
  •     PBS viewers are 27% more likely to take 3+ vacations per year

PBS Corporate Sponsorships Builds Trust

  •     74% of viewers appreciate the clutter-free environment, and 57% have a more favorable view of brands that sponsor PBS
  •     Consumers are 40% more likely to report they have been motivated to purchase from a PBS sponsor than from advertisers on other networks
  •     61% of viewers say that sponsors are different and better than other networks, with half saying that PBS sponsors are high quality brands

PBS Resonates with Diverse Audiences                         

  •     74% of viewers believe PBS content appeals to people of different ethnic backgrounds
  •     74% of viewers believe PBS content features a diverse range of people
  •     71% of viewers believe PBS is in touch with today’s culture

Online Presence

West Virginia Public Broadcasting reaches thousands of people in West Virginia, the United States and around the world every day on

Digital options include:

  •     300×250 (square web tile)
  •     320×50  (mobile banner web tile)
  •     Radio “pre-roll” sponsorship announcements on live stream
  •     Podcast sponsorships

West Virginia Public Broadcasting uses Google Analytics to provide accurate metrics on impressions and click-throughs. All online creative and messaging must adhere to Corporate Support Guidelines

WVPB Coverage Areas

Guidelines For Corporate Support

West Virginia Public Broadcasting acknowledges your sponsorship with underwriting credits announcing the name of your organization, followed by approximately 20 words telling our audience who you are and what you do.

Underwriting credits may include:

  •     The name of your organization
  •     The location of your organization
  •     Your organization’s website
  •     Value-neutral mentions of specific products or services   

Underwriting credits may not include:

  •     Any qualitative, comparative or promotional language, or calls to action
  •     Pricing information or inducements to buy or sell

Sponsorship announcements must be consistent with the image of West Virginia Public Broadcasting and of general interest to our audience.