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The Legislature Today is West Virginia’s only television/radio simulcast devoted to covering the state’s 60-day regular legislative session. In addition to the weeknight television broadcast throughout the session, WVPB reporters will deliver news from the session daily on the network’s radio news program West Virginia Morning, and on our website wvpublic.org. WVPB will also provide gavel to gavel live broadcasts of Senate and House floor sessions daily online and on The West Virginia Channel.

Monday-Friday at 6 p.m. during the state legislative session.

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WVPB Staff,Mar. 10, 2023

Final Reporter Roundtable Discusses Remaining Bills As Session Nears Final Hours

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we conclude our daily coverage for the 2023 legislative session with one last reporter roundtable. Randy Yohe, Chris Schulz, Emily Rice and Curtis Tate are all on the set together to discuss bills that have passed and the bills that are left. 

WVPB Staff,Mar. 09, 2023

Lawmakers Discuss Capacity Of Treatment Facilities, Senate Passes Education Bills

On this episode of The Legislature Today, there was a united reaction from lawmakers to a bill passed yesterday that limits the number of treatment beds a county can have. Government reporter Randy Yohe has more.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 08, 2023

Improving State Education Scores Focus For Lawmakers

On this episode of The Legislature Today, education reporter Chris Schulz sits down with House Education Committee Chairman Joe Ellington, R-Mercer. Just before the start of the session, the state had to come to grips with several reports showing concerning declines in math and reading scores. They discuss what has been done so far to improve student outcomes.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 07, 2023

Justice Signs Tax Bill Into Law, Lawmakers Discuss PEIA Changes

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Gov. Jim Justice signed House Bill 2526 into law today. The bill includes a 21.25 percent tax cut across all six income brackets, with the governor’s office calling it the largest tax cut in state history. Government reporter Randy Yohe has the story.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 06, 2023

W.Va. Legislature Enters Final Week Of 2023 Session

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have officially begun the final week of the 2023 West Virginia Legislative session. WVPB’s News Director Eric Douglas talks with reporter Curtis Tate about bills he’s been following this legislative session, including the latest on a bill that would limit gender-affirming health care in West Virginia.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 03, 2023

Reporter Roundtable Talks PEIA, Pay Raises And Gender-Affirming Health Care

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have our weekly reporter roundtable to recap the week and explore what’s still to come. WVPB’s Chris Schulz and Emily Rice sit down with Brad McElhinny of WV MetroNews.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 02, 2023

Lawmakers Discuss Women’s Health Care Legislation

On this episode of The Legislature Today, with West Virginia’s abortion ban clarified and solidified in state code by recent legislation, Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice speaks with Sen. Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson, and Del. Ric Griffith, D-Wayne, on women’s and maternal health in West Virginia.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 01, 2023

Lawmakers Talk Latest Action As Crossover Day Comes To A Close

On this episode of The Legislature Today, it was Crossover Day at the West Virginia Legislature, meaning it was the last day for a bill to be read a third time in its chamber of origin. Chris Schulz talks with Dels. Kayla Young, D-Kanawha, and Evan Hansen, D-Monongalia, about the day’s action.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 28, 2023

Understanding Proposed Changes To PEIA

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Chris Schulz speaks with Fred Albert, president of AFT-WV, and Del. Matthew Rohrbach, R-Cabell, the deputy speaker of the House, about proposed changes to PEIA.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 27, 2023

Building Up W.Va. As A Vacation Destination State

On this episode of The Legislature Today, with West Virginia tourism growing as a four season, nationwide destination, there’s an abundance of legislation to enhance hiking and biking, with rail trails and rest stops along the way.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 24, 2023

Education-Focused Reporter Roundtable Talks Charter School Funding, Teacher Shortage

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have another Friday reporter roundtable. WVPB reporters Chris Schulz and Randy Yohe are joined this week by Mountain State Spotlight’s Ian Karbal to discuss bills proposed to give more money to charter schools and study alternative school schedules to help districts without enough teachers. 

WVPB Staff,Feb. 23, 2023

Lawmakers Discuss Flooding Challenges And Goals

On this episode of The Legislature Today, heavy rainfall late last week prompted Gov. Jim Justice to declare a state of emergency for all 55 counties in West Virginia. Flooding is common in West Virginia and Assistant News Director Caroline MacGregor brings us this perspective on the problem.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 22, 2023

How Surplus Dollars Could Spur Economic Development, Fight Poverty

Large budget surpluses, in recent years, have encouraged what to do with that money. One thought is to use a large portion of it for economic development projects — enticing companies to set up shop in West Virginia. Another school of thought is to invest that money in poverty programs and to bring the poorest West Virginians up. Reporter Chris Schulz spoke with Mitch Carmichael, the Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development, and Rev. Matthew Watts from the Tuesday Morning Group, about possibilities.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 21, 2023

Contentious Campus Carry Bill Heads To Governor

On this episode of The Legislature Today, between the Roads to Prosperity and the federal infrastructure law, there is a lot going on when it comes to roads and bridges. Curtis Tate speaks with Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston and Sen. Charles Clements, R-Wetzel, the chairman of the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, to discuss the state’s progress.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 20, 2023

Campus Carry Bill Nears The Legislative Finish Line

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Senate Bill 10 is expected to pass the House of Delegates on Tuesday and head to Gov. Jim Justice for a signature. The bill would allow people with concealed carry permits to carry guns on college and university campuses. West Virginia University and Marshall, among others in the state, have spoken out against it. At a public hearing last week, 38 of the 40 speakers spoke against the bill.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 17, 2023

Reporter Roundtable Talks Campus Carry, DHHR And Tax Reform

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have our Friday reporter roundtable where we discuss the big news of the week. WVPB’s Randy Yohe and Chris Schulz are joined this week by veteran TV newsman from WCHS in Charleston, Bob Aaron.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 16, 2023

Lawmakers Discuss Legislation Aimed At Helping West Virginians Stay Sober

On this episode of The Legislature Today, substance use disorder, sober living homes, homelessness, mental health treatment – the challenges facing West Virginia to help people regain sobriety continue to mount. Government Reporter Randy Yohe speaks with two delegates, Del. Mike Pushkin, D-Kanawha, and Del. Scot Heckert, R-Wood, to discuss what’s working and what needs changed.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 15, 2023

Lawmakers Discuss School Choice; Campus Carry Bill Sees Public Debate

On this episode of The Legislature Today, from the Hope Scholarship to charter schools, West Virginia’s educational landscape has changed in the last few years. Education Reporter Chris Schulz sat down with Del. Kathie Hess Crouse, R-Putnam, and Sen. Rollan Roberts, R-Raleigh, to discuss.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 14, 2023

Physician And Lawmaker Talks State Health Issues

On this episode of The Legislature Today, West Virginia often gets poor grades for the health of its citizens. Recently, the American Lung Association rated the state as failing when it comes to several categories relating to smoking cessation. WVPB’s Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice sat down with Del. Matthew Rohrbach, R-Cabell, who is a practicing physician.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 13, 2023

Understanding The Judicial Redistricting Process

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Government Reporter Randy Yohe talks with the House and Senate Judiciary Committee chairmen Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan, and Del. Moore Capito, R-Kanawha, to get a better understanding about the judicial redistricting process.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 10, 2023

Reporter Roundtable Explores Senate’s Proposed Tax Plan, Energy Issues And Birthing Centers

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have another Friday reporter roundtable. This week, Chris Schulz and WVPB’s Energy and Environment Reporter Curtis Tate are joined by Leah Willingham from the Associated Press.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 09, 2023

Stakeholders Talk Energy Cost Concerns

On this episode of The Legislature Today, energy costs have gone up for West Virginians in the past couple of years. Local governments in the state have been some of the most vocal opponents of utility rate increases. Energy & Environment Reporter Curtis Tate speaks with Emmett Pepper of the Charleston City Council and Kent Carper, president of the Kanawha County Commission, who say they’d like the West Virginia Legislature to get more involved in the effort.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 08, 2023

Health Leadership Discuss DHHR Restructuring And More

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice speaks with the chairs of the House and Senate Health committees – Sen. Mike Maroney, R-Marshall, and Del. Amy Summers, R-Taylor. Both lawmakers have been directly involved with legislation that would restructure the DHHR.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 07, 2023

A Discussion About HB 2007 And What It Could Mean For Gender-Affirming Medical Care In W.Va.

On this episode of The Legislature Today, the House of Delegates last week approved House Bill 2007. The bill would limit gender-affirming medical care for anyone under 18. During two committee hearings on the bill, lawmakers called no expert witnesses. Curtis Tate talks with Del. Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia, and Isabella Cortez, gender policy manager with Fairness West Virginia, to understand the potential impacts.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 06, 2023

Education Leaders Talk Legislative Priorities

Education Reporter Chris Schulz sat down with Sen. Amy Grady, R-Mason, the Senate Education Committee chair, and Del. David Elliot Pritt, D-Fayette, the Minority vice chair of the House Education Committee, to learn more about what is being done to secure the state’s future.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 03, 2023

Reporter Roundtable Explores Health Legislation

On this episode of The Legislature Today, there have been a number of health-related issues discussed this legislative session – from gender-affirming care, to PEIA coverage and foster care. For this week’s reporter roundtable, Chris Schulz speaks with WVPB’s Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice and Allen Siegler from Mountain State Spotlight.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 02, 2023

A Look At Education Challenges And Proposals

On this episode of The Legislature Today, from school safety to student success, there has already been a lot of discussion around the state’s educational system this legislative session. Education Reporter Chris Schulz sat down with two West Virginia teachers to discuss the state of our schools and some of the proposed changes.

WVPB Staff,Feb. 01, 2023

Gov. Jim Justice Talks Budget And Taxes

On this episode of The Legislature Today, government reporter Randy Yohe sat down with Gov. Jim Justice to discuss a number of issues facing the state, including budget surpluses and tax reductions.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 31, 2023

House Committees Advance ‘Anti-Racism’ Bill And Restrictions To Gender-Affirming Medical Care

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Government Reporter Randy Yohe speaks with Senate Finance Chair Eric Tarr, R-Putnam, and House Finance Committee member Del. Larry Rowe, D-Kanawha, to get the latest on the state budget.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 30, 2023

Lawmakers Discuss Needs In W.Va.’s Jails

On this episode of The Legislature Today, reporter Chris Schulz talks with Del. David Kelly, R-Tyler, and Sen. Mike Caputo, D-Marion, to get their take on the state’s jail challenges and how the West Virginia Legislature could help.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 27, 2023

Reporter Roundtable Talks Tax Reform, Campus Carry And Workforce Needs

On this episode of The Legislature Today, our WVPB reporters Randy Yohe and Chris Schulz sit down with fellow reporter Steven Allen Adams of Odgen Newspapers to discuss the past week at West Virginia’s statehouse.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 26, 2023

Building W.Va.’s Workforce And Fighting Hunger

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Government Reporter Randy Yohe talks with the chairmen of the Senate and House Workforce committees, Sen. Rollan Roberts, R-Raleigh, and Del. Evan Worrell, R-Cabell.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 26, 2023

W.Va. Delegates Talk Energy Issues

Energy & Environment Reporter Curtis Tate talks with Del. Bill Anderson, R-Wood, Chairman of the House Energy Committee, and Del. Kayla Young, D-Kanawha, Minority Vice Chair of the House Energy Committee.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 25, 2023

Lawmakers Consider Bills To Permit Campus Carry And Limit Governor’s Emergency Powers

On this episode of The Legislature Today, the Senate passed a bill that would allow the concealed carry of handguns on the state’s university campuses. Reporter Chris Schulz has more. Also, a bill that would clarify the authority of governor and legislature to proclaim and declare a state of emergency and preparedness, passed the House 93-3.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 24, 2023

PEIA, Unemployment And The Legislature Celebrates Tourism Day

On this episode of The Legislature Today, reporter Chris Schulz talks with Del. Charlie Reynolds, R-Marshall, and Fred Albert, the president of the American Federation of Teachers — West Virginia, to get their perspectives on the latest concerns surrounding PEIA — the health care benefit for state employees and teachers.

WVPB Staff,Jan. 20, 2023

Reporter Roundtable Reflects On First Full Week Of 2023 Session

On this episode of The Legislature Today, the pace is beginning to pick up at the West Virginia Legislature as bills are passing through their originating chambers. WVPB reporters Yohe and Chris Schulz are joined by Crystal Good, the founder and publisher of Black By God | The West Virginian, for a reporter roundtable.

Campus Carry Legislation Advances In The Senate And Lawmakers Discuss Early Childhood Education Reforms

On this episode of The Legislature Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a bill to the Senate floor that would allow the concealed carry of handguns on the state’s university campuses. Reporter Chris Schulz has more.

Governor Tests Positive For COVID-19, Delegates Pass Income Tax Reduction And A Policy Expert Talks Budget

On this episode of The Legislature Today, Gov. Jim Justice has tested positive for COVID-19. Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice joins our host Bob Brunner to discuss what that means for the legislative session and the state.Also, in this show, the House o…

Speaking With House Speaker Hanshaw And Education Priorities

On this episode of The Legislature Today, government reporter Randy Yohe sits down with House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, R-Clay. We get his take on progress and problems in these early legislative general session days.

An Interview With Senate President Blair And Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

On this episode of The Legislature Today, reporter Chris Schulz sits down with Senate President Craig Blair, R-Berkeley. The state Senate wasted no time in getting to work this year, passing 25 bills in the first two days of the legislative session. Republicans hold a supermajority, and despite an early start in the Senate, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Improvements to the state’s educational system, departmental restructuring and promised tax cuts are on Blair’s agenda this year.

Pregnancy Center Funding, DHHR Restructuring And The Session’s First Reporter Roundtable

On this episode of The Legislature Today, reporter Chris Schulz spoke with Margaret Pomponio, CEO of reproductive health and rights advocacy group WV FREE, to learn more about HB 2002, which would create the West Virginia Mothers and Babies Pregnancy Support program. We also explore bills in the House and Senate calling for the reorganization of the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources and have our first reporter roundtable of the legislative session.

Single Member Redistricting, State Of The State And Democrats’ Expectations As 2023 Session Begins

On today’s episode of The Legislature Today, the 2023 session started as the Senate got down to business on opening day and suspended rules to pass 23 bills and send them to the House of Delegates. Most of these were bills the upper chamber passed last year, but for one reason or another didn’t become law.

Reporters Explore Broadband, Critical Race Theory, Forced Pooling And The Budget As Final Day Of Session Looms

Host Eric Douglas leads a reporter roundtable with Lacie Pierson, a political reporter with the Charleston Gazette-Mail, and Steven Allen Adams, the government reporter and columnist for Ogden Newspapers. They discuss the session so far, covering everything from jails to schools to broadband and the budget.

The Legislature Today Explores Foster Care, Racism And Mine Safety Issues As 2022 Session Enters Final Week

On this week’s episode of The Legislature Today, it’s been a week full of activity, split floor sessions and Crossover Day – when all bills must make it out of their house of origin if they are to continue through the legislative process. This rule affects all bills except for the budget bill and supplementary appropriations bills.

W.Va. Lawmakers Talk Personal Income Tax, Budget, Underground Carbon Storage And Climate Change

On this week’s episode of The Legislature Today, we explore taxes and energy, and we learn more about two bills related to children and child welfare.

W.Va. Lawmakers Talk 'Anti-Stereotyping Act' And Critical Race Theory, Reporters Wrap Explores Abortion

On this week’s episode of The Legislature Today, we look at abortion access and a controversial education bill.

Changes To Unemployment Benefits, Diabetes Costs And Lawmakers Talk Voting Rights

On this week’s episode of The Legislature Today, we explore election reform and the price of insulin, and lawmakers in the House of Delegates have approved a bill that would reduce all personal income tax brackets by 10 percent.

Bill Lifting Nuclear Ban Heads To The Governor And Lawmakers Talk Health Issues

On this week’s episode of The Legislature Today, we hear about the push to allow nuclear energy in West Virginia. It is a move that was once unthinkable, but it is now awaiting a signature from Gov. Jim Justice.

Minority Leadership Responds To State Of The State And Legislature Looks At Energy, Health Bills

On this week’s episode of The Legislature Today, reporter Curtis Tate brings us a recap of Gov. Jim Justice’s 2022 State of the State address. The governor was expected to give his speech two weeks ago but tested positive for COVID-19 the day before the scheduled event.

W.Va. Economists Talk Jobs, Workforce Participation And Nucor

This week on The Legislature Today, West Virginians weigh in on a controversial piece of legislation. As health reporter June Leffler reports, pro-life and pro-choice residents spoke on two abortion bills at a public hearing Monday in front of state lawmakers.

Leadership Talks Legislative Priorities, Economic Development And COVID Protocols As The Session Begins

On this episode of The Legislature Today, reporter Liz McCormick looks at a busy first week at the West Virginia Legislature, including a special session, economic development announcements and Gov. Jim Justice testing positive for COVID-19. Reporter June Leffler speaks with Senate President Craig Blair and House Speaker Roger Hanshaw about COVID protocols and what would make a successful legislative session.

The Legislature Today Discusses Criminal Justice Reform, State Budget, Personal Income Tax Repeal

House Judiciary Chair Moore Capito, R-Kanawha, and House Judiciary Minority Chair Chad Lovejoy, D-Cabell, discuss criminal justice reform, election, and pandemic-related bills. We also take a look at the state budget process and the personal income tax repeal plans.

The Legislature Today Discusses Personal Income Tax Repeal, Fiscal Policy, Medicaid Coverage, Criminal Justice

This week, The Legislature Today takes a deep dive into the various plans for the elimination of the state’s Personal Income Tax. Phil Kabler of the Charleston Gazette-Mail and Steven Allen Adams of Ogden Newspapers join host Dave Mistich to discuss multiple proposed fiscal policy changes. June Leffler provides updates on a bill to expand Medicaid coverage for new moms, and Emily Allen reports on HB 2017, which rewrites the state’s criminal code.

The Legislature Today Explores Governor's Personal Income Tax Repeal Proposal, Education Savings Accounts

This week on The Legislature Today, senior reporter Dave Mistich speaks with House Finance Committee Vice Chair Vernon Criss, R-Wood, and House Finance Minority Chair Brent Boggs, D-Braxton, about Gov. Jim Justice’s plan to reduce the state’s personal income tax, while increasing consumer sales and other taxes. Liz McCormick gives us an update on House Bill 2013, which would establish education savings accounts.

The Legislature Today Discusses Broadband Expansion, Education Bills, Personal Income Tax Repeal Proposal

Del. Daniel Linville, R-Cabell, Chair, House Technology & Infrastructure Committee, and Sen. Robert Plymale, D-Wayne, join WVPB's The Legislature Today to discuss broadband expansion legislation, HB 2002. Friday evening’s broadcast will also include an update on several major education bills and the governor’s personal income tax repeal proposal.

W.Va. Lawmakers Discuss The Hope Scholarship Bill, Charter School Legislation

Senate Education Chair Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson, and House Education Minority Chair Sean Hornbuckle, D-Cabell, join WVPB’s The Legislature Today from the Capitol building. The lawmakers discuss the Hope Scholarship bill, charter school legislation, and the needs of students following almost a year at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

House, Senate Leaders Talk Legislative Process During COVID

It has been a week of snow, ice and power outages, but the work of the West Virginia Legislature continued at a brisk pace. This week on The Legislature Today, we speak with House and Senate leadership, and we have updates on numerous bills.

Minority Leaders Respond To Governor’s 2021 State Of The State Address

This week, Gov. Jim Justice has outlined his legislative agenda for the 2021 session in his State of the State address. Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with minority leadership who share reaction to the governor’s address, and Senior Reporter Dave Mistich comments on the changes this year to the legislative process due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Senate Passes Massive Foster Care Bill, House Rejects Intermediate Court Of Appeals

The House of Delegates’ foster care bill was up for a vote in the Senate Friday, while the Senate's Intermediate Court of Appeals bill was up for a vote…

Key Differences Between House, Senate Budgets As Clock Ticks On 2020 Session

Host Suzanne Higgins has a conversation with House Finance members for a breakdown of the budget bill that passed out of the House chamber Wednesday night…

A Conversation On Higher Education Challenges In W.Va.

Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with Interim Chancellor of the Higher Education Policy Commission and Chancellor of the West Virginia Community and Technical…

Jail Overcrowding, Rehabilitation, Jobs – An Overview Of Criminal Justice Reform Bills

We explore criminal justice reform legislation from this session, and we bring you an in-depth report and follow-up conversation on the issue. We also…

Senators Outline Details Of Budget Bill

We have updates on gun legislation, a renewable energy bill, and we bring you the latest on the Senate’s version of the budget bill.The Senate passed its…

Statehouse Reporters Breakdown Both House And Senate Budget Bills

Host Suzanne Higgins is joined by Brad McElhinny of West Virginia MetroNews and Steven Allen Adams of Ogden Newspapers for a reporter roundtable featuring…

‘The Return Is Immense,’ Curator Says Arts Change Lives, Builds Culture

It was Arts Day at the Capitol. We spotlight the activities from the day, and we bring you a special report on an educational effort by the West Virginia…

Senators Weigh In On Moving And Stalled Health Related Legislation

It was Crossover Day at the West Virginia Legislature, which means it was the final day for bills to be read a third time in their house of origin. Host…

Delegate Highlights Domestic Violence Legislation, But Argues More Needs Done To Help Survivors

Ahead of Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness Day at the Capitol this week, we bring you a special report and update on several bills aimed at helping…

Lawmakers Pass Bills To Lure Petrochemical Industry To W.Va.

The West Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday passed two bills that would provide tax cuts to the natural gas industry in an effort to boost…

Two-Pronged Tax Overhaul Proposal Now Halfway Complete

A sweeping tax proposal calls for the elimination of manufacturing machinery, equipment and inventory taxes on motor vehicles and other personal property.…

Lawmakers Outline Goals To Expand, Enhance Broadband In W.Va.

We explore a major broadband bill that passed the House of Delegates, and we have a discussion with two West Virginia lawmakers who are involved in…

Updates On Bills To Aid W.Va.'s Distressed Water Systems, Enhance Solar Utilities

We bring you updates on the energy and environment legislation we've been following, and we also meet some students who visited the Capitol to participate…

Foster Care, Medicaid, Adverse Childhood Experiences – A Conversation On Health Related Legislation

We bring you a special report on the state's Medical Cannabis program and a bill this session to expand it to further accommodate patients. We'll also…

Lawmakers, Public Celebrate 100 Years Of Women’s Right To Vote

There were events all day at the Capitol celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment – guaranteeing women the right to…

Statehouse Reporters Recap Legislation On Solar, Charter Schools, Foster Care

We’ve passed the deadline for bills to be introduced in the House of Delegates this session. On Monday, that same cut-off will be in the Senate. Host…

Lawmakers Outline Merits Of Two Bills That Aim To Protect Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions

We look at two bills aimed at protecting health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions – one offered by West Virginia Senate Republicans, and one…

Senators Weigh In On Complicated Impacts Of Eliminating W.Va. Greyhound Breeding Development Fund

We explore support and opposition to a bill that would cut funding for greyhound racing at two West Virginia tracks, and we bring you the latest in West…

Agriculture Commissioner And Senate Ag Committee Chair Talk Goals To Help The W.Va. Farmer

We bring you a special report and discussion on the challenges faced by West Virginia’s farmers. We also bring you the latest news from the Capitol.Host…

Newly Formed Bipartisan Tech Caucus Aims To Diversify W.Va.’s Economy, Workforce

We learn about a state program that’s helping thousands of West Virginia grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, and we have a conversation with…

Equipment Tax And Intermediate Courts Remain Hot Button Issues At W.Va. Statehouse

It’s Friday, and that means we look back at a week of West Virginia Legislative action. We’ve also officially reached the half-way mark of the 2020…

Newly Formed Public Health Caucus Seeks To Combat Traumatic Childhood Experiences In W.Va.

We discuss West Virginia’s children in crisis with members of a newly formed Public Health caucus. Also, West Virginia’s veterans were honored at the…

How The Opioid Crisis Has Altered The Mindset, Resources For First Responders

On The Legislature Today, we explore the growing responsibilities of West Virginia’s Emergency Medical Services. Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with two…

Thousands Of Elderly West Virginians Face Hunger, Isolation

As the senior population grows in West Virginia, more of the state's elderly are living alone, with disability, and facing hunger. We focus on the cost of…

A Discussion On Veterans Issues – Challenges And Legislation That May Help

We highlight the multiple challenges West Virginia’s active military members and veterans face, and we explore legislation addressing many of those…

Reporters Recap Bills Related To Equipment Tax, Intermediate Courts, Criminal Justice Reform

The West Virginia Legislature has completed its third full week of the 2020 session. Several issues have stirred up debate so far, including a bill that…

An In-Depth Discussion On W.Va.'s Substance Use Recovery Efforts; Treatment, Support, Stigma

Over the last few years, West Virginia lawmakers have passed dozens of bills, creating policy and changing existing code, in an effort to respond to the…

House Democrats Tout Several Cannabis Bills For Medical, Recreational Use

Bills to regulate the legal use of, taxation, and decriminalization of recreational marijuana are budding in the West Virginia House of Delegates,…

Lobbyists Weigh In On Bill To Create Intermediate Court Of Appeals

A proposal to establish an intermediate court system has passed the Senate Judiciary and is now in Senate Finance. Senior reporter Dave Mistich speaks…

W.Va. Lawmaker Details Bills On Solar, Water Quality

It was E-Day at the West Virginia Legislature – a focus on the environment when advocates gather to lobby on behalf of environmental policy. Host Suzanne…

Hundreds Of Families Still Displaced After 2016 Flood, State Lawmakers Update On Legislative Efforts

RISE is the state-run and federally funded Flood Recovery Program. The state received $150 million to assist low-income residents needing repair or…

Statehouse Reporters Recap Discussions Over Cannabis Use, Voting Rights, Foster Care Crisis

This week lawmakers debated tax breaks, sought remedies for a foster care system in crisis, passed a resolution calling for a convention of states and…

Thousands Of Children In Foster Care, W.Va. Lawmakers Discuss How To Tackle It

On The Legislature Today, we discuss West Virginia children in crisis and a foster care system under the microscope. The new Senate Select Committee on…

State Lawmakers Say Alternative Uses For Coal A Must In W.Va.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s energy and environment reporter Brittany Patterson returns to lead a conversation on West Virginia’s struggling coal…

Advocates Weigh In On How To Protect Environment, Property Rights As Natural Gas Grows

We begin a two-part series on West Virginia’s energy sectors. West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s energy and environment reporter Brittany Patterson looks…

Charleston Activist Says Legislative Priorities Are Tackling Achievement Gap, Disciplinary Issues

We look at the 2020 West Virginia Legislative session through the lens of civil rights and social justice on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We also…

Reporters Explore Trade Deal With China, Lawsuit Over Obamacare, And Latest Foster Care Legislation

Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with statehouse reporters to recap a week of legislative action. We also bring you a story looking at the newly created West…

Justice Defends His Work As Governor, Shares Goals For 2020

Host Suzanne Higgins sits down with Gov. Jim Justice to discuss his proposed budget, his work over the last four years as governor, and his thoughts for…

House Finance Committee Members Discuss Gov. Justice's Proposed Budget

The House of Delegates passed a bill known as the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. It calls on doctors to use "reasonable medical judgement"…

Speaker Hanshaw Says Job Creation And Growing W.Va.’s Workforce Major Priority This Year In House

There’s a new focus on hunger at the West Virginia Legislature. We'll hear about the newly formed Hunger Caucus, and host Suzanne Higgins sits down with…

Sen. President Carmichael Outlines Goals For 2020 Session

Senate President Mitch Carmichael, R-Jackson, joins host Suzanne Higgins to discuss the Republican agenda for the 2020 West Virginia Legislative session.…

Reporter Roundtable Discusses First Three Days Of 2020 Session

The halls of the Capitol are now quiet. Lawmakers have gone home for the weekend, and the session has gotten off to a low-key start. We discuss the first…


Chris Schulz,Mar. 15, 2023

Senators Look Both Ways On Legislative Activity

With the sixty-day legislative session over, legislators and West Virginians have a chance to reflect on what was accomplished and look forward to what still needs to be done for the state. 

Randy Yohe,Mar. 14, 2023

Delegates Reflect On Passed, Failed Legislative Session Initiatives

Several lawmakers called the just completed legislative session historic, while others are left with concerns over a focus on major economic development rather than helping working West Virginians.

Caroline MacGregor,Mar. 13, 2023

Gov. Justice Signs Retirement Bill

State retirees should see a bit more money in their pockets under new legislation signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice Monday.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 11, 2023

Hiring Retired School Bus Drivers, Enhancing State Trail Network Recreation Passed Become Law

Noting a statewide shortage of school bus drivers, on day 60 of the 2023 Legislative Session, the House of Delegates passed House Bill 2346 to ease the pressure.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 11, 2023

War On Terrorism Memorial Bill Completes Legislation

The House of Delegates passed House Bill 3398 on day 60 of the 2023 legislative session. The measure is meant to preserve the memory of West Virginia soldiers killed in action in the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations involved in the United States’ war on global terrorism.

Emily Rice,Mar. 11, 2023

Senate Moves Health Bills in Saturday Morning Session

After a late night lawmaking session Friday, the Senate was quick to action Saturday morning, the final day of the 2023 Regular Legislative Session. With so many bills surrounding the health of West Virginia being passed from chamber to chamber, and commi...

Chris Schulz,Mar. 11, 2023

Update: Minimum Marriage Age Becomes Law

As it was originally passed in the House of Delegates, House Bill 3018 establishes 18 as the age of consent for marriage and removes the ability of an underaged person to obtain consent to marry through a guardian or courts. Friday night, the Senate took up the bill and changed the minimum age to 16 but also added that there could not be more than 4 years age difference between the two people.

Chris Schulz +,Mar. 11, 2023

Lawmakers Approve Gender-Affirming Health Care Ban, With Exception

House Bill 2007 was the last bill taken up on the floor of the Senate Friday night, and was amended to provide an option to healthcare providers and families.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 11, 2023

Update: Hemp Restrictions, Alcohol Enhancement Bills Among Number To Pass Legislation 

On Friday, the House passed Senate Bill 220, the Industrial Hemp Development Act, covering the sale of kratom and other hemp-derived cannabinoids including delta-8 and delta-10.

WVPB Staff,Mar. 11, 2023

The Legislature Today’s ‘Final Hours Live’ Tonight On WVPB TV

Join us this evening at 8 p.m. for West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s The Legislature Today Final Hours program. WVPB will broadcast live from the Capitol until midnight when the 2023 regular session of the West Virginia Legislature comes to a close.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 10, 2023

Budget Goes To Governor For His Approval

The state budget is one step closer to completion after legislative action Friday morning. 

Chris Schulz,Mar. 10, 2023

Senator Removed From Chamber Floor

Things grew contentious on the Senate floor Friday morning as one Senator demanded to be recognized on the chamber floor. 

Chris Schulz,Mar. 10, 2023

Senate Passes Amended House Budget, Expects Easy Approval

The Senate passed the House of Delegates’ budget bill Thursday evening.  With the Senate’s passing of House Bill 2024, the legislature is one step closer to having a budget bill, the one constitutional mandate the lawmaking body has in its annual session.

Eric Douglas,Mar. 09, 2023

Child Marriage Bill Returns; Up For Senate Vote

Less than 24 hours after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted down a bill to provide a minimum age for marriage in West Virginia, it was revived.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 09, 2023

Senate Moves Dozens of Bills As Session End Looms

With just two days left in the session, the Senate passed dozens of bills Thursday. Many of the bills related to issues of education that legislators have made a priority all session. 

Randy Yohe,Mar. 09, 2023

House Lifts Certificate Of Need, Extends Corrections Staffing Emergency

The House passed House Concurrent Resolution 78, indefinitely extending Gov. Jim Justice's state of emergency over correction facilities staffing levels. The concerns continue to focus on safety, security and maintaining National Guard support. 

Randy Yohe,Mar. 08, 2023

Completed Legislation Includes Treatment Bed Limits, Possible School District Consolidation And Retirees Back To Work 

A bill that limits the number of substance use treatment beds per West Virginia county is now headed to the governor for his signature. 

Chris Schulz,Mar. 08, 2023

Third Grade Success Act In Doubt After Legislative Shuffle

Improving early childhood literacy has been a key objective of this year’s session. Coming into the final week, a plan to boost reading in grades K-3 seemed all but final, until a few minutes in a House of Delegates committee Monday afternoon. 

Emily Rice,Mar. 08, 2023

Officials Provide Updates On DHHR Reorganization

Justice signed House Bill 2006 into law Monday splitting the department into three separate bodies. The bill takes effect in May, but the new departments are set to be in place by Jan. 1, 2024.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 07, 2023

Lawmakers Disagree Over Appropriation Of Federal Relief Funds  

With the signing of the tax cut bill, lawmakers have taken a significant step towards finalizing a budget. However, there are still some coronavirus relief monies yet to be appropriated, and significant debate on how to use them. 

Emily Rice,Mar. 07, 2023

Gov. Justice Signs Tax Cut Bill

The signing of the bill comes just days after the House approved House Bill 2526, agreeing with the Senate’s proposals to reduce the personal income tax. HB 2526 represents a $754 million cut in taxes.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 06, 2023

Trades Apprenticeship Day At The Legislature Highlights Career Paths

West Virginia’s working men and women took center stage in the Capitol rotunda Monday. On Trades Apprenticeship Day at the West Virginia Legislature, the old is new again when it comes to learning an occupation.

Emily Rice,Mar. 06, 2023

Lawmakers Classify Unborn Child As Distinct Victim In DUI Causing Death

While DUI-causing death is already a crime in West Virginia code, this bill and its amendments will add the death of an unborn child to felony offenses.

Eric Douglas,Mar. 06, 2023

DHHR Split Bill Signed By Governor

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is now officially becoming three separate agencies after Gov. Jim Justice signed House Bill 2006 into law Monday. 

Eric Douglas +,Mar. 06, 2023

Pay Raise, PEIA, Tax Cut Bills Pass Senate And House

On Saturday, the House of Delegates met in an extended session and took up several major bills. This was an effort to shore up the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA).

Randy Yohe,Mar. 04, 2023

House Passes PEIA Reform Legislation To Prevent Program Collapse

After more than three hours of passionate debate riddled with number crunching and tales of the haves and have nots, Senate Bill 268, meant to shore up the state’s Public Employees Insurance Agency passed with a 69 to 27 vote and four members absent.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 03, 2023

Union Leaders Voice Opposition To PEIA Bill

Union representatives say Senate Bill 268 would benefit the richest and hurt the poorest.

Emily Rice,Mar. 03, 2023

House Approves $35 Insulin Co-Pay Cap

The West Virginia Legislature once again took up the issue of insulin costs with legislation passing the House to cap insulin co-pays for patients at $35 for a 30-day supply.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 02, 2023

Senate Education Committee Addresses Bus Driver Shortage

The Senate Education Committee took up a bill Thursday aimed at addressing the state’s bus driver shortage.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 02, 2023

Arts Day At The Legislature Celebrates Longevity, Focuses On The Future

Musicians, theater folks, painters and sculptors filled the Capitol rotunda on Arts Day at the 2023 West Virginia Legislature.

Randy Yohe,Mar. 02, 2023

House Budget Bill Goes To Floor With Questions

In a surprise move, Gov. Jim Justice increased the state revenue estimate Wednesday by $850 million.

Shepherd Snyder,Mar. 01, 2023

House Passes Bill Establishing Stronger Marriage Consent Rules

House Bill 3018 would establish 18 as the age of consent in the state and remove the ability for minors to obtain consent to marry through their parents or legal guardians. 

Randy Yohe,Mar. 01, 2023

Justice Signs Senate Bill 10, The Campus Carry Act

Proponents say this law strengthens Second Amendment protections in West Virginia. But SB10 comes with many questions about implementation and concerns about the limitations on the new self-defense safeguards coming into place.

Liz McCormick,Mar. 01, 2023

House Bill Could Restrict State Investments If It Becomes Law

The House of Delegates debated a bill Wednesday that would essentially block the state board of investments from investing in companies that refuse to support fossil fuels. House Bill 2862 would ensure that all shareholder votes, by or on behalf of the West Virginia Investment Management Board and the Board of Treasury Investments, are cast according to the monetary interests of the beneficiaries.

Emily Rice,Mar. 01, 2023

Lawmakers Move To Clarify W.Va. Abortion Ban

Senate Bill 552 replaces language that referenced “physician” and replaced it with “licensed medical professional.” It also includes language that would revoke a licensed medical professional’s license if they willingly violate the bill by performing an abortion outside of the parameters set in the bill.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 01, 2023

Senate Sends Religious Freedom Restoration Act To Governor’s Desk

A bill purporting to forbid “government limitations on the exercise of religion” now only needs Gov. Jim Justice’s signature to become law after Senate action late Tuesday.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 28, 2023

Senate Bill Requires Political Candidates Swear To Residency

A bill that changes how candidates for office across the state announce their intention to run drew close to an hour of discussion on the Senate floor Tuesday. 

Curtis Tate,Feb. 28, 2023

Community Solar Supporters Nudge Lawmakers, But No Hearing Yet

Supporters of House Bill 2159 say it could save ratepayers potentially hundreds of dollars a year. House

Randy Yohe,Feb. 28, 2023

Locality Pay Bill Fails In House

House Bill 2953 would have created the Commission on Cost-of-Living Adjustments, tasked with designating the five counties most in need of locality pay adjustments. The bill failed on a vote of 42 to 56.

Liz McCormick,Feb. 28, 2023

Worker’s Compensation ‘Deliberate Intent’ Bill Narrowly Passes House

The House of Delegates approved a bill Tuesday that would limit how much compensation a worker can receive if he or she is injured on the job and can prove their employer deliberately made the work environment unsafe.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 27, 2023

Senate Passes Bills On Alcohol, SSAC And EMS 

The Senate passed 20 bills Monday on a variety of issues ranging from alcohol consumption to high school sports. 

Emily Rice,Feb. 27, 2023

Bill Passes The Senate To Amend State Definitions Of Hospital And Certificate Of Need

A bill that was laid over on third reading with a right to amend during the Legislature's special Saturday Session passed the Senate to the House with all present voting in the affirmative.

Liz McCormick,Feb. 27, 2023

House Approves Religious Freedom Restoration Act

A bill that looks at religious freedom was up for a final vote in the West Virginia House of Delegates Monday. House Bill 3042 is called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and is similar to a bill that failed in the West Virginia Legislature in 2016.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 27, 2023

House Will Study Tax Reform Plan Passed By Senate

House of Delegates members said on Monday there is no rush in offering the people of West Virginia well deserved, and well thought out tax relief.

Chris Schulz +,Feb. 25, 2023

Senate Moves Budget, PEIA, Pay Raises In Saturday Session

The Senate returned Saturday afternoon at 1:45 p.m. after a brief recess to pass several important bills including tax cuts, pay raises for state employees and a budget.

Emily Rice,Feb. 25, 2023

Medicaid Buy In, Other Health Legislation Advances During Saturday Session

Legislation focused on West Virginia health issues was a topic of debate and lawmaking during Saturday’s legislative session with many bills being passed through both chambers.

Chris Schulz +,Feb. 25, 2023

Senate Passes, Completes Legislation In First Saturday Session

The Senate gaveled in for its first Saturday floor session of 2023 as Crossover Day looms this coming Wednesday, March 1.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 25, 2023

High Tech Preventive Road Maintenance Among House Bills Passed Saturday 

Using artificial intelligence to better maintain state roads was just one of several bills passed by the House of Delegates in a Saturday session.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 24, 2023

Senate Moves To Expand Oversight Of Department Of Health And Human Resources

The Senate once again turned its focus on the state’s health systems today by passing two bills, including one to expand their own oversight capabilities. 

Chris Schulz,Feb. 24, 2023

Senate Education Committee Proposes Alternative School Schedule

A novel approach to the staffing issues facing West Virginia schools could be piloted if a bill originated by the Senate Education Committee Thursday is approved into law. 

Shepherd Snyder,Feb. 23, 2023

House Bill Would Create Military Funeral Honor Guard Named For Woody Williams

House Bill 3254 would create a special detail of the West Virginia National Guard to be present and perform ceremonies at the funerals of eligible veterans.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 23, 2023

Senate Passes Bills On Elections, Cost Of Insulin

The Senate passed five bills Thursday related to elections in the state, as well as issues around diabetes.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 23, 2023

Public Hearing To Focus On Government, Religious Freedoms

The law would establish a judicial test if a complainant said a government action, with a few compelling exceptions, would substantially burden a person's exercise of religion. 

Chris Schulz,Feb. 22, 2023

Senate Passes Three Bills Related To Social Services

The Senate passed several bills Wednesday morning to address issues surrounding child protective and social services in the state.

Chris Schulz +,Feb. 22, 2023

DHHR Restructuring Passes Legislature, Heads To Governor

The first of two bills aimed at restructuring the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources completed legislative activity Wednesday. With a vote of 33 to 1, the Senate passed House Bill 2006.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 22, 2023

Senate Tax Reform Proposal Gets State Tax Dept. Scrutiny

Details read from a State Tax and Revenue Department Fiscal note on the multifaceted Senate tax reform plan would see a total cost of around $740 million instead of the $600 million Senate projected cost.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 21, 2023

Senate Education Committee Discusses Intelligent Design, Promise PLUS

The Senate Education Committee took up several bills Tuesday including Senate Bill 619, which would allow teachers in public schools to teach something called intelligent design.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 21, 2023

Senate Bill Works To Stabilize Jail Funding

The legislature has grappled with the issue of jail funding for the past few years. Senate Bill 596 aims to modify the payment for housing and maintenance of inmates in the state’s correctional system.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 21, 2023

Recovery Advocacy Day At Capitol Offers Guidance, Hope

West Virginia is one of few states seeing a decline in overdose deaths.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 21, 2023

Campus Carry Bill Completes Legislation, Awaits Governor’s Signature

Divided down party lines, several of the dozen House Democrats spoke passionately against the bill, concerned with taking institutional freedom away from the many state colleges and universities opposed to campus carry.  

Emily Rice,Feb. 21, 2023

Bill Requiring Sexual Assault Training For Hospital Nurses Goes To Governor

A bill meant to staff each West Virginia hospital with a qualified sexual assault nurse examiner passed the Senate unanimously Tuesday and is headed to the governor’s desk. But there were changes to reduce the requirement on having nurses on site. 

Randy Yohe,Feb. 20, 2023

11th Hour Campus Carry Amendments Fail

Del. Sean Hornbuckle, D-Cabell, proposed an amendment that would give campuses a housing option for students who do not want those with firearms living in the building.

Emily Rice,Feb. 20, 2023

Bill Requiring Sexual Assault Training For Hospital Nurses Returns To Senate

Senate Bill 89 has been discussed at length this legislative session, in addition to interim meetings. According to Sen. Mike Woelfel, D-Cabell, the legislature has been working to pass a version of this bill for three years.

Emily Rice,Feb. 17, 2023

Lawmakers Consider Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program

To remedy the financial strain on West Virginia families, lawmakers are considering a bill to create a high-quality, low-cost health insurance plan for low income residents to pay a low monthly premium based on a sliding scale.

Curtis Tate,Feb. 17, 2023

Senate Moves To Delay Closure, Demolition Of Pleasants Power Plant

On Friday, the Senate chamber unanimously adopted a bill that would make it harder to shut down or demolish a power plant in West Virginia.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 17, 2023

Adventure Travel Day At The Capitol Includes E-bikes

On Adventure Travel Day at the West Virginia Legislature, on and off road enthusiasts touted some mean machines on two wheels and four - and some, not so mean.

Emily Rice,Feb. 16, 2023

W.Va. To Offer Digital Vehicle Titles

This fall, the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be able to provide out-of-state businesses with a fully-digital clearinghouse for vehicle titles. 

Randy Yohe,Feb. 16, 2023

Veteran Law Enforcement Officers Now Included In Alzheimer’s Awareness Training Bill

On Alzheimer's Awareness Day at the West Virginia Legislature, the organization’s program director Terresa Morris said that more than half of those with the brain disorder affecting memory and behavior will - at one time or another - wander.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 16, 2023

Black Policy Day Returned To The Legislature

Black Policy Day returned to the West Virginia Legislature Wednesday for its second year to highlight the policy issues facing Black West Virginians.

Emily Rice,Feb. 15, 2023

House Passes Transportation Requirement For SUD Facilities

Residential substance use disorder service facilities will be required to offer discharged patients a way home if Senate Bill 243 passes the Senate.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 15, 2023

Opposition Dominates Public Debate On Campus Carry Bill 

Will allowing the concealed carry of firearms on campus add more protection or create more danger?

Shepherd Snyder,Feb. 14, 2023

House Bill Enables Athletic Participation For Hope Scholarship Students

Hope Scholarship recipients and other non-traditional students would be able to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities at their local public schools under a House bill.

Curtis Tate,Feb. 14, 2023

Senate Bill Would Restrict Closure, Demolition Of Power Plants

The only active West Virginia power plant scheduled to be deactivated is the Pleasants Power Station in Pleasants County.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 14, 2023

Student Leaders Advocate For Hunger-Free Campuses In Senate 

Senate Bill 578, titled the Hunger Free Campus Act, would require the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission to establish a grant program to address food insecurity among students enrolled in public institutions of higher education.

Emily Rice,Feb. 14, 2023

Foster Care Ombudsman Authority Broadened In Senate

A bill allowing the Foster Care Ombudsman more authority to protect children in state care passed the Senate unanimously Tuesday.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 14, 2023

DHHR Division Bill Passes House; Public Hearing Announced For Campus Carry Bill

House Health Committee Chair Del. Amy Summers, R-Taylor, introduced House Bill 2006, a proposal to divide the DHHR into the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health Care Facilities, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Caroline MacGregor,Feb. 13, 2023

Tax Reform Roundtable Brings Out Conservative Big Hitters

Gov. Jim Justice continued to push for tax reform Monday in a roundtable that featured two of the country's top conservative tax policy influencers.  In his opening remarks the governor drew attent...

Chris Schulz,Feb. 13, 2023

State’s Public Libraries Seek Funding For Maintenance, Expanded Services

Monday was Library Day at the West Virginia Legislature. The day was a celebration of public libraries throughout the state, but also an opportunity to request funding.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 13, 2023

Office Of Drug Control Policy May Leave DHHR

Changes may be coming to the Office of Drug Control Policy if a House bill passes the West Virginia Legislature. House Bill 3306 would take the office away from the state Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and give it new responsibilities.

Curtis Tate,Feb. 13, 2023

Senate Votes To Encourage Mon Power To Buy Pleasants Power Station

The Pleasants Power Station has been making electricity from coal for 44 years. But the plant, which employs about 150 workers, is scheduled to shut down at the end of May.

Curtis Tate,Feb. 10, 2023

Coal Severance Tax Exemption Moves Forward In Senate

According to an attached fiscal note, the measure would cost the state $22 million in tax revenue each year.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 10, 2023

Senate Judiciary Discusses Banning, Regulating 3 Substances

The Senate Judiciary Committee spent close to three hours Thursday afternoon discussing a committee substitute for Senate Bill 546, which would update the state’s list of controlled substances.

Caroline MacGregor,Feb. 10, 2023

Suicide Prevention Among Bills Approved By House Committee On Education

Students in crisis may not need to look any further than their student IDs for help if a bill passes the West Virginia Legislature. House Bill 3218 contains a requirement to print suicide prevention resources on both sides of student identification cards.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 10, 2023

House Finance Chair Cites Opportunity For Tax Reform Compromise 

Chairman Criss said the Senate’s goal is trying to return $600 million back to the public. He said the Senate tax plan is now under House study, with some specific definitions needed.

Caroline MacGregor,Feb. 09, 2023

Health And Human Resources Committee Discusses PEIA

The Senate Committee on Health and Human Resources Thursday took up the issue of PEIA reform. PEIA is the insurer for thousands of public employees. It has come under increased scrutiny for paying more in reimbursements to out-of-state hospitals than to in-state facilities, including WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 09, 2023

Senate Moves To Remedy 'Insufficient' Bill From Last Year

The Senate passed a bill Thursday aimed at correcting a bill passed during last year’s legislative session. What was intended as a bill to help facilitate access to records ended up doing the exact opposite. 

Caroline MacGregor,Feb. 08, 2023

Governor Defends Using CARES Money For MU Stadium

During his weekly briefing Wednesday, Gov. Jim Justice said he had no regrets about his administration’s decision to use $10 million in CARES dollars to build a baseball stadium at Marshall University.  ...

Randy Yohe,Feb. 08, 2023

W.Va. Family Farms Turn To Agritourism To Survive

Among all the agriculture booths and displays filling the Capitol Rotunda, were Alex and Jade Hanna. The Greenbrier County couple operate a family farm that was established by Alex’s ancestors in 1787.

Emily Rice,Feb. 08, 2023

Senate Passes Bill To Provide Feminine Hygiene Products In Schools

On Wednesday, the West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would require the boards of education of each county to provide free feminine hygiene products to grades three through 12.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 08, 2023

W.Va. Senate Unveils, Passes Tax Cut Plan

The Senate gaveled back in right at 4 p.m. to discuss Senate Bill 424, which includes proposed tax cuts. The Senate suspended its own rules to advance the bill to third reading and complete action on the legislation.

Curtis Tate,Feb. 07, 2023

HB 2007: What Gender-Affirming Health Care Means For Minors

During two committee hearings on the bill, lawmakers called no expert witnesses. To get that missing perspective, Curtis Tate spoke with Dr. Kacie Kidd of the WVU School of Medicine.

Emily Rice,Feb. 07, 2023

House Passes Bill To Facilitate Birthing Centers

Lawmakers on the House Floor discussed the risks and benefits of forgoing a Certificate of Need for birthing centers to open in West Virginia.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 07, 2023

Senate Education Advances Bill To Raise New Teacher Pay

Senate Bill 204 would raise the base pay for teachers with less than eight years of experience. Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan, said attracting new teachers with competitive pay is the state’s best bet at filling vacancies.

Caroline MacGregor,Feb. 07, 2023

House Education Committee Hears Report On School Funding

The West Virginia Department of Education, reviewed the Public School Support Program (PSSP) during a House Education Committee meeting this week.

Randy Yohe,Feb. 07, 2023

Statewide Homeless Survey Bill Advances

SB 239 would have behavioral health providers, treatment specialists, statewide government leaders and community stakeholders assess a breakdown of homeless demographics.

Chris Schulz,Feb. 03, 2023

Senate Finance Investigates Governor’s Donation To Marshall For New Baseball Stadium

The Senate Finance Committee wants to know how $10 million in CARES money ended up being donated by Gov. Jim Justice’s administration to Marshall University for its new baseball stadium. 

Curtis Tate,Feb. 03, 2023

House Passes Bill Limiting Medical Care For Transgender Youth

Two House committees approved HB 2007. A public hearing was held on the bill Thursday. On Friday, the chamber voted on final passage.

Eric Douglas,Feb. 02, 2023

Limits On Trans Youth Medical Care Move Through House

After a nearly two-hour public hearing on a bill that would prohibit transgender youth from obtaining gender affirming medical procedures, House Democrats tried to amend House Bill 2007.

Curtis Tate,Feb. 02, 2023

Lawmakers Hear From Medical Experts In Public Hearing On Trans Bill

It was the first time medical experts testified on a bill that would restrict gender-affirming treatments for transgender youth.