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Reporter Roundtable Talks PEIA, Pay Raises And Gender-Affirming Health Care


On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have our weekly reporter roundtable to recap the week and explore what’s still to come. WVPB’s Chris Schulz and Emily Rice sit down with Brad McElhinny of WV MetroNews.

Also, the Senate’s PEIA bill is now in the hands of the House of Delegates. The proposed health insurance premium increases and coverage reductions to shore up the financially challenged program has many up in arms. The bill defenders say proposed pay raises and tax cuts will even things out. 

The Senate completed legislative action on some 20 bills, including six supplementary appropriations.

In the House, a bill to reduce how much West Virginians pay for insulin passed and was sent back to the Senate for their consideration. Emily Rice has more.

The Senate Health and Human Resources Committee had a lengthy debate Thursday on House Bill 2007. The bill would restrict gender-affirming health care for transgender minors. As Curtis Tate reports, the committee approved the bill but not entirely along party lines.

Finally, innovation met education on Career Technical Education Day at the West Virginia Legislature. From offering baked goods to analyzing biometrics, West Virginia students put on a 2023 vocational show.

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