Briana Heaney Published

Senate Passes Bill Making AI Generated Pornography A Felony

A digital illustration of artificial intelligence. Pictured is the profile shape of a human face made out of computer code against a blue background.peshkova/Adobe Stock

In February, pop superstar Taylor Swift became the target of artificially generated sexually explicit photos using Artificial Intelligence. AI creators used photos and videos of Swift to create a sexually explicit deep fake. 

The use of photos to create deep fakes of sexually explicit content is becoming a trend among child predators. Photos of children can be plugged into AI to create child pornography. 

Senate Bill 740 prohibits digital manipulation of sexually explicit content that includes minors. 

Sen. Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson, is one of the sponsors of the bill. She said just two days ago she received an email from a constituent whose 14-year-old son had been superimposed using AI onto the body of a naked person. The creators were trying to extort money out of the victim and his family. 

“Thankfully he went straight to his parents and they called the police,” Rucker said. “Just so you know, the police told them we don’t know what we can do about this.”

AI depictions of child sexual exploitation and abuse are on the rise. 

Senate Bill 741 prohibits the creation, production, distribution, or possession of artificially generated child pornography. Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan, sponsored and introduced the bill. 

“This bill makes clear that if you do it through the use of artificial intelligence, and generate images, then it’s going to be subjected to felony penalties under West Virginia law,” Trump said. 

Both bills passed unanimously and now head to the House for consideration.