Amy Grady

Baby Olivia Video Bill Passes Despite Bipartisan Pushback

Senate Bill 468 requires that public schools show a four minute video on human development to eighth graders and eleventh graders. An amendment to the bill includes language that life begins at conception.

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Senate Education Chair Weighs In On Bills To Address Educational Problems In W.Va.

On this episode of The Legislature Today, from staffing to security, West Virginia's schools are facing a variety of issues. Bills introduced this year have ranged from associate degrees for vocational students to reducing barriers to teacher certification. Chris Schulz spoke with Senate Education Chair Sen. Amy Grady, R-Mason, about legislative action to address the state's educational problems.

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Senate Passes Bill Making AI Generated Pornography A Felony

The use of photos to create deep fakes of sexually explicit content is becoming a trend among child predators. Photos of children can be plugged into AI to create child pornography. 

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Senate Takes On School Discipline, Other Bills

Teachers may have the ability to remove troubled children from elementary school classrooms if Senate Bill 614 becomes law. The bill sparked a lot of debate on the chamber floor. It gives kindergarten through sixth grade teachers the ability to remove children from classes or from school if they are exhibiting certain behavior like threatening teachers or classmates or otherwise creating an unsafe learning environment. 

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