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Changing A State's Mind About Health

According to recent health rankings, West Virginia tops the charts for the rates of obesity and diabetes. More than a decade ago, Huntington, West Virginia made headlines as "the nation’s fattest city." Since then, some things have changed.

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Education Legislation And Addressing Homelessness On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, the federal government says this year’s count of homeless people shows 40 percent are living on the streets, unsheltered. That’s the highest percentage ever. Many cities are struggling to provide support. In Charleston, West Virginia outdoor encampments have been a focus at the state legislature as debate continues over how to respond.

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Compassion Fatigue

Homelessness is not just an issue for big cities like San Francisco or New York City. Across America, communities large and small are struggling to provide shelter to people without housing. In Charleston, West Virginia, government and community approaches to help the unhoused have created more debate on an issue that is already divisive.

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Us & Them: Re-Entry

At least 95 percent of people behind bars will be released. Some say a formerly incarcerated person’s successful re-entry into society requires more focus on rebuilding an individual and less on punishment. Criminal justice reform efforts also address a victim-centered approach, but some believe that fundamental change might require addressing past trauma of victims as well as the perpetrators of crimes.

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