Glynis Board Published

U.S. EPA Schedules More Public Hearings on CPP Repeal


In the wake of the hearings the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hosted in West Virginia last week, the agency has decided to schedule more public hearings about the repeal of the Clean Power Plan – carbon regulations that aimed to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. 

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt said in a release that the agency’s decision to host more sessions is a reaction to the overwhelming response to the hearing in West Virginia. Almost 300 people registered to speak in West Virginia – many came from out of state, and lots of comments included requests for more hearings throughout the country. 

The agency will visit San Francisco, California, Kansas City, Missouri, and another area of the country that EPA says will be hard-hit economically by any federal goals to limit carbon emissions of power plants, Gillette, Wyoming.

The federal agency has not indicated yet when or exactly where these public hearings will take place.