Emily Rice Published

DHHR Offers Reimbursement For Late Payments

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The DHHR announced it has developed a process for families to apply for reimbursement of unexpected fees directly related to the delay in foster care, adoption, legal guardianship, and adult services payments for the month of February 2023.

The situation left many West Virginia families wondering how to pay for basic necessities.

In a Feb. 21 press release, the agency provided updates and context to the situation. The DHHR reported updates to payment delays for each classification of caregiver stating that non-certified kinship payments, adoption subsidies and legal guardianship subsidies have been paid.

Payments returned to their normal schedule the following month.

To file a reimbursement form, the payee may pick up a form at their local DHHR office, or print the paperwork from the Bureau for Social Services’ website.

The reimbursement form and the W-9 form can be found on the Bureau for Social Services website or can be picked up by families at county DHHR offices.