Emily Rice Published

DHHR Provides Updates On Delayed February Payments

A family looks at bills at a kitchen table with a black laptop in the background.
The DHHR provided updates and context to the situation that left many West Virginia families wondering how to pay for basic necessities, in a press release Feb. 21.
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Earlier this month, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) announced a delay in payment to foster and kin care recipients. The situation left many West Virginia families wondering how to pay for basic necessities.

In a Feb. 21, press release, the agency provided updates and context to the situation. The DHHR reported updates to payment delays for each classification of caregiver stating that non-certified kinship payments, adoption subsidies and legal guardianship subsidies have been paid.

In addition, some payments to Socially Necessary Services Providers (agencies) were paid last week. The remaining payments were released Tuesday.

Other groups like child placing agencies, residential providers and individuals who are certified kinship and relative caretakers can expect their February payments to be processed this week.

Finally, some groups’ payments are still on hold as “issues are resolved.” These include individuals and agencies for independent living and transitional living and individuals and agencies for adult services. Payments are anticipated to return to their normal schedule in March.