Glynis Board Published

What's Next, Wheeling?


What’s Next, West Virginia? That’s the question that keeps getting thrown around the state. Conversations are going on all over, exploring what West Virginians want to see happen next in their economy, including at a workshop in Wheeling.

What’s Next West Virginia? is a non-partisan, statewide initiative organized by a coalition of partners—including West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The idea is to encourage talk of strengthening local economies.

A lot of these kinds of conversations have been happening in the Northern Panhandle already.

“Through our Reinvent Wheeling organization, our downtown group, we’ve been hosting these round tables,” said Jeremy Morris, executive director of the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation.

“We have an Arts Round table. We also have a green and sustainable round table that meet each month. And they’re having these kinds of conversations about how do we create sustainable businesses, how do we improve the livelihood and economic viability of working artists.”

Morris says there’s a lot of young energy in Wheeling—people who are invested in revitalizing their historic town. He says the What’s Next workshop is a good fit. It’s designed to connect initiatives that are already happening. Organizers will get together and discuss how to bring more people into the conversation.

The free workshop will be held downtown at the Wesbanco Arena next Wednesday, September 16th. Registration is required.