Jim Lange Published

Be A Guest DJ For Eclectopia In July

Yes, you read that right. The Guest DJ Series on Eclectopia returns in July. If there are more submissions than weekends in July, we may have to extend the series a bit.

However, here are the guidelines:

  1. Pick no more than three songs; the total length of all three should be less than 12 minutes. This is your set.

  2. Then tell me why you chose them. This part doesn’t have to be a deep dive, but consider what appeals to you about your songs.

  3. We will record your comments either by phone or you can record them yourself (with the hope you have decent audio).

  4. Then DropBox (or however you link large files) your comments to me at my email: jlange@wvpublic.org

  5. When edited, I’ll email you when your segment will be on the show.

Very simple, yes? Remember 25 minute pieces are great, but that’s not what Eclectopia does.