Telling West Virginia's (Legislative) Story


This has been a wild and historic session of the West Virginia Legislature. And every step of the way, West Virginia Public Broadcasting has provided in-depth and comprehensive coverage.

For the first time, West Virginians could see in real time exactly how their laws are made on The West Virginia Channel.

And for the first time, floor sessions are being archived on You Tube, providing free access not just now, but into the future.

Anyone who has watched or heard “The Legislature Today” knows how good that show is. It takes an incredible amount of work and talent to pull it off (I know, I used to do it.)

And now, our coverage isn’t just on TV. It’s on radio, repackaged for newscasts and West Virginia Morning, and of course, on

Thanks to the people who you see and hear – Ashton, Beth, Liz, and Rob. And thanks for he many more people you don’t see, but are just as crucial – Jeff, Frosty, Chuck, Russ, Janet, Daniel and many, many more.

Except for education, telling the story of our government at work is our most important duty. I am proud to work with such a dedicated and talented team.