Glynis Board Published

Private Citizens Spring for Spring Paddling Season Access Road


Private citizens are stepping up to repair a Preston County road important to the whitewater industry there. The state doesn’t have the means to get to the Cheat Canyon access road, so Friends of the Cheat River are doing the work.

The road to the take-out for the Cheat Canyon and Big Sandy whitewater runs had deteriorated and outfitters in the area were considering cancelling trips because of the poor conditions.

 Department of Highways officials said heavy winter damage to main roads and budget constraints made any immediate repairs to access roads used primarily for recreation unlikely. So Friends of the Cheat stepped up.

In a press release,the organization announced it raised almost ten thousand dollars from about 200 donors in a week’s time to hire private contractor to repair the road.

FOC Executive Director Amanda Pitzer said simply, “I am humbled by the generosity of our supporters.” 

DOH was able to supply 140 tons of fill rock, however, and locally contacted crews spent three days to make the road safe for ordinary vehicles.