Randy Yohe Published

One Vote Difference In Primary Race May Change With Provisional Ballot Count


The adage “every vote counts” proved true in one Primary House of Delegates race. However, the final count here may change.

The 28th House district covers all of Wayne County. With all Republican ballots cast in the Tuesday primary, Mark Ross had 688 votes while incumbent Del. Josh Booth had 687 — a one vote difference.

The Wayne County Clerk’s office says with hundreds of calls citing confusion over redistricted precincts, there may be hundreds of provisional ballots to still count. The Wayne County Commission will hold a canvass on the vote next Monday at noon.

Booth was appointed to the House of Delegates to replace Del. Derrick Evans. Evans resigned and was then prosecuted for storming the Capitol on January 6th.

Booth said with so many people moving to a new precinct this election, the primary confusion was prevalent.

“A lot of the precincts in the southern part of my district changed their voting location,” Booth said. “And a lot of people may have been unsure on where to vote.”

Voters can cast provisional ballots if their name isn’t on the voting rolls at the precinct they go to. But these votes aren’t always counted in West Virginia. State code notes that when a voter goes to the wrong precinct and casts a provisional ballot, after being told by poll workers where their new precinct is located, that provisional ballot will most likely not be counted in the election.

However, a Secretary of State’s office spokesperson said there’s a possibility that some voters were placed in a new precinct incorrectly. They have asked canvassing boards across the state to determine the validity of provisional ballots – keeping an understanding of all the redistricting challenges in mind.