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Inside Appalachia Has New Theme Music


When the Inside Appalachia team talked with West Virginia composer Matt Jackfert about new theme music, it seemed like a tall order. The team was looking for something that’s true to the Appalachian roots but doesn’t sound like a stereotypical tune. 

Jackfert, who is host of WVPB’s Classical Music program, said that the theme music came to him after he woke up from a nap. He says he pulled from his experience as a native to come up with something that is new and fresh for Inside Appalachia.

After putting together some electronic demos, he called on local musicians to help bring it to life. They developed the Inside Appalachia Theme as well as six other tunes that listeners will begin hearing throughout the show. Artists who lent their talents to the music include:

  • John Query on percussion
  • Joseph Cevallos on violin, alto recorder, jaw harp
  • Jim Lange, who is host of WVPB’s quirky music show Eclectopia,  on guitar
    Credit Eric Douglas / West Virginia Public Broadcasting
    West Virginia Public Broadcasting
    Matt Jackfert worked with musicians such as Jim Lange to record live versions of the new Inside Appalachia tunes.

Shortly after they brought it to life in a recording, he listened and talked about some of the tunes with host Jessica Lilly.

Here’s an extended version of the conversation. 

Credit Eric Douglas / West Virginia Public Broadcasting
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

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Inside Appalachia tells the stories of Appalachia. Host Jessica Lilly leads listeners on an audio tour of the region’s rich history, our food, our music and our culture. We also talk with people who are dealing with the realities facing Appalachians — from the opioid addiction epidemic, to loss of jobs, to unreliable water systems and problems with public education. 

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Additionally, Inside Appalachia is a popular podcast where, as Lilly frequently points out, “you can listen to the show on your own time.” Inside Appalachia is available as a podcast at, through iTunes or however you get your podcasts. Just search “Inside Appalachia”. 

You also can hear the theme music and other new tunes on the Inside Appalachia podcast. Subscribe to the show to hear more.