Curtis Tate Published

EPA Orders Chemours To Address PFAS In Parkersburg Water Discharge

Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass cup.Jasonanaggie/Wikimedia Commons

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken enforcement action on a company for discharging “forever chemicals.”

The EPA has ordered Chemours to address PFAS contamination in stormwater discharge from the Washington Works facility near Parkersburg.

PFAS, known as “forever chemicals,” are manmade chemicals used in an array of industrial processes and consumer products. They linger in the environment and pose a risk to human health.

The Washington Works facility discharges industrial process water and stormwater into the Ohio River and its tributaries, according to a 2018 permit it received under the Clean Water Act.

According to the EPA, the amount of PFAS in the water discharged from the facility exceeds the limits allowed by the permit.

Water can be treated to remove PFAS. The EPA’s order requires Chemours to do that, as well as to monitor the discharge water to further understand the presence of PFAS in it.

This is the EPA’s first enforcement action involving PFAS. The Washington Works facility was formerly operated by DuPont.