Clean Water Act

Civil Penalty Of $1.4 Billion Sought In Union Carbide Landfill Case

Union Carbide has asked a federal judge to reject the proposed penalty, as well as Courtland’s proposed injunction under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

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Fayette Man Sentenced For Clean Water Act Violations

Michael Graves, 68, of Charlton Heights, has been sentenced to one year of incarceration, to be served on home confinement as part of a five-year term of federal probation, and fined $10,000. His company, West Virginia Environmental Services (WVES), was fined $500,000 and placed on corporate probation for three years. These sentences were handed down for violations to the Clean Water Act. 

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Judge Sides With Union Carbide On Inspection, Testing Of Landfill

As part of its ongoing lawsuit against Union Carbide, the Courtland Company asked U.S. District Judge John T. Copenhaver Jr. to collect soil samples at UCC’s Filmont Landfill in South Charleston.

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Next Phase In Federal Trial Will Determine Penalties For Union Carbide

The maximum penalty Union Carbide would pay for violating the Clean Water Act at a landfill it owns in South Charleston: $64,618 per violation per day.

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