WVU Interim President Shares Priorities


E. Gordon Gee started his lengthy career as a university president in 1981, at the age of 36. Now more than 30 years later, he’s going to end his career as a president at the same school where it all began.

Gee is the interim president at WVU. He will succeed James Clements, who is leaving the university in a few weeks to take on the presidency at the University of Clemson.

Gee says his top priority is to keep the university moving forward.

“I want to understand what the problems are, every institution has problems,” Gee said.

“I think it’s very important for the people of this state to know that the president cares about who they are. There are 55 counties. I’m not sure if I can make it to all 55, but I want to try to be as present as I can.”

Gee met with the press and was asked how he will want to be remembered when he leaves WVU a second time.

“He came, he cared, and that he made a difference,” Gee replied.

Gee’s salary will be $450,000 annually. WVU wants to hire a new full-time president next June.