WVPB Host Turns NPR Theme Into Mysterious Tango


Who thought the Morning Edition theme could turn into a passionate Tango? WVPB host and composer Matt Jackfert, that’s who.

Jackfert’s Tango-inspired version of the theme was featured Friday on Morning Edition as part of their “Chord Change” project.

“Our latest listener-made version of the theme will ignite your passion for the news,” NPR host Steve Inskeep said.

Jackfert said the idea to change the upbeat theme to something more mysterious came from the bones of the theme itself.

“The chord progression of the original theme walks down sort of like a Tango. All I had to do is change the first chord from bright and happy morning music to dark, passionate Tango music,” Jackfert said.

  “I imagine David Greene, Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne all dancing in the NPR studio with roses in their teeth and wearing Latin American garb,” he said.

The song is performed by the Montclaire String Quartet, whose musicians have worked with Jackfert on many projects – music for documentaries, WVPB shows, and more.

“I write anything from symphonies to jingles, but also video game tunes. So I don’t like to close any doors. I like to leave all opportunities available,” Jackfert said.

You can listen to the full version here: