Who Shall Smite the Scorpion?


Many things are taught on Robert Fripp’s guitar courses, but one cannot imagine that defensive tactics against scorpions is one of them. Saints preserve us!

I had to point out this most unexpected entry in the RF diary:

22.32 As I was sitting at the computer in my room, a loud crack! as something fell from the ceiling and bounced off the desk or Mac. Looking down to see what this might be – a black scorpion on my left trouser leg just below the knee. It walked around to the back of my leg, where I couldn’t see it. Standing and slowly walking backwards out of the door, picking up a shoe as I went, fortunately finding Aileen sitting on the bench outside. I gave her the shoe, and with loud and expressive shouts Aileen rapidly dispatched the scorpion it by knocking it from my leg, then giving it a hefty hammering with the shoe. This a first, in almost twenty-nine years of courses.