Watch the "What's Next, West Virginia" Panel Discussion

What's Next

Watch former First Lady Gayle Manchin and others debate the future of West Virginia in this video. Other participants include Perry Bryant of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care and former state Sens. Lloyd Jackson, Brooks McCabe and Dan Foster.

The conversation is part of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation annual report to the community at the Clay Center in Charleston. It’s moderated by Betty Knighton of the WV Center for Civic Life, and is part of our larger “What’s Next, West Virginia” project.

In this project, we’re asking West Virginians to imagine a better future for ourselves. We started the conversation with our “WV Next in 6” project, which asked you to share your vision in 6 words.

What’s Next, WV? is a nonpartisan, statewide initiative designed to encourage community-based conversations about the economic future of West Virginia, and to help communities move from dialogue to action planning, based on their own ideas for building stronger local economies. It is being organized by a broad–and growing–coalition of state and local partners from nonprofit, philanthropic, government, educational, and faith-based organizations.  

The West Virginia Center for Civic Life will offer regional workshops for those who want to learn how to convene and facilitate local discussions. The WV Community Development Hub will provide coaching and other assistance to help communities turn ideas into actions. Along the way, West Virginia Public Broadcasting will share the stories, ideas, and actions of participants.