Caroline MacGregor Published

W.Va. Man Fined For Voter Fraud

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A West Virginia man has been convicted of voter fraud after illegally casting more than one ballot during the 2020 presidential election. 

Richard Fox was sentenced in Fayette County Circuit Court for casting two mail-in ballots – one in West Virginia and one in Florida during the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

Secretary of State Mac Warner Thursday announced that Fox was ordered to pay $1,000 and serve a year’s probation for illegal voting during the 2020 election.

Warner said Fox’s actions not only violated the law, but broke the trust of the state’s citizens, and harmed the integrity of every race on his ballot.

The release did not provide any information on who Fox voted for but Warner said his conviction serves as a warning to anyone tempted to commit voter fraud that they will face prosecution.

Warner, a Republican who is running for governor in West Virginia, has often questioned election integrity nationally, but has continued to say that West Virginia elections are safe.  

His office has developed a “See Something, Text Something” cell phone tool that allows residents to submit tips about suspected illegal voting.

Warner made an appearance at the “March for Trump” rally in Charleston after the election, holding up a “Stop the Steal” sign.

He was one of the first GOP election officials to opt to withdraw from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a nonpartisan group with a record of combating voter fraud. 

Warner said he has had better success working with his own team to verify and investigate the rolls, as well as collaborating with other states.

Despite Warner’s repeated claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, multiple investigations, audits and court cases concluded there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud or improper counting that could have changed the results of the election.