Voter Fraud

State Lawmakers Talk Election Fraud, Integrity

On this episode of The Legislature Today, 90 bills to-date have been introduced this year between the Senate and the House about election laws. Briana Heaney spoke with Del. Josh Holstein, R-Boone, and Sen. Jack Woodrum, R-Summers, to get their perspective.

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Misdemeanor Election Crime Has W.Va. Felon On Parole Going Back To Jail

In West Virginia, it’s a crime to participate in elections while serving a sentence for a felony conviction, including any period of probation or parole.

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Preventing Election Fraud In W.Va.

The Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, is a bipartisan, multi-state partnership aimed at helping states maintain accurate voter rolls. This past March, Secretary of State Mac Warner withdrew West Virginia from ERIC, citing partisan influences.

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W.Va. Leaves One Multi-State Election Group, Joins Another

The release calls the data sharing system free of partisanship and outside influence. Earlier this year, Warner pulled West Virginia out of the 30-plus state member Electronic Registration Information Center, a non-partisan data sharing group, better known as ERIC.  

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