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W.Va. Ghost Story Archive Calls For Submissions

Listen is an archive of WV ghost stories, and they’re looking for more submissions.

Jonathan Moore of Pax, W.Va. started collecting WV ghost stories nearly 15 years ago because, well, he kept hearing them.

“Neighbors would just be telling me about their stories, and stories within Pax and I decided to take those stories and gather more from other people around WV in order to develop an archive for WV, for other people to read and share their experiences,” said Moore.

So that’s what he did. His mission? To provide unedited, untampered with proof of the paranormal. has amassed over 450 stories and now, in addition to submitting stories through Facebook and Twitter, Moore is announcing a new way to share spooky experiences: a ghost call-in line, 304-896-9874.

“So people can call in and they can tell their stories on the recording and then have it transcribed into text,” Moore said. “Which, with this hotline, they can also text their story to us, or even send pictures.”

Moore says while the website continues to be popular, he’s seen decreases in submissions over the years. He wants to reach more people because, he says, about one in five people he bumps into has a great story to tell. He’s hoping the new call-in line will boost submissions.

Excerpt from one of the top 15 recent stories, "The House in the Field," posted on February 10, 2014 by Nicole Lee: "About a week into living there I was standing in the kitchen making lunch when the knife I was using spun around and then flew of the counter around the room. I laughed it off and went on with the rest of my day. Shortly after that my eyes kept getting drawn to the doorway between my kitchen and living room. There was always a sense that someone was just standing in the doorway. Next to that doorway were my basement steps and I could always here a creaking on them as if someone was just hiding there. Sometimes it would sound like someone walking up and down the steps. It was unsettling so I would normally keep the basement door shut and locked."