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W.Va. Finance Panel Waters Down Minimum Wage Bill


The West Virginia Senate Finance Committee has watered down a House bill to raise the minimum wage. The minimum wage would be increased by $1.50 over three years instead of two.
Under the bill amended Wednesday, the standard would increase from $7.25 to $7.50 an hour in January 2015, to $8 in January 2016, and to $8.75 in January 2017. Originally the House voted to raise the wage 75 cents each year over two years.

Sen. John Unger opposed the amendment. He said minimum wage workers will lose about $1,040 in potential earnings in 2015 and an additional $520 the next year.
Committee chairman Roman Prezioso said the amendment was developed with input from various groups, including labor and business.
The bill will now goes to the Senate floor.