Trey Kay Published

Us & Them : A New Year, A Reprise, Amazing Grace


Just a few weeks ago, a listener wrote in to tell us that she “love, love, loved” our Amazing Grace episode. I actually know this listener; she grew up Jewish. I was kind of surprised that she was so moved by this episode. I assumed that Amazing Grace resonated with Christians, mainly. But, as a choreographer and teacher, she’s used many different arrangements of Amazing Grace in her work over the years. And she loved hearing the richer background of the hymn.

I really appreciate when listeners write to us. But I especially love hearing how this song, with its complicated origins, and seemingly inextricable links to the Christian faith, somehow transcends divisions and speaks to people across time, and across faiths.


So while we’re working on shows for our new season, I invite you to check out our Amazing Grace episode.