Making Faces: Behind A Face Jug’s Grin Lies A Long, Dark History

Folkways Reporter Zack Harold traced the story of Face Jugs. Examples of this type of art turn up everywhere, but some of them are connected to African Face Jugs, an art enslaved people brought with them to America.

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Juneteenth Holiday Celebrates Freedom From Slavery

In 2021, the Juneteenth celebration became a federal holiday. The date recognizes when Blacks in Galveston, Texas were told about the Emancipation Proclamation two and half years after it was signed.

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Journey Along the Civil Rights Trail Gives White Travelers a Unique Perspective of America's Race History

Us & Them host Trey Kay traveled with a group on an immersive tour through the Deep South searching for a richer understanding of America’s racial history.

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February 17, 1863: W.Va. Constitutional Convention Adopts the Willey Amendment

On February 17, 1863, the West Virginia Constitutional Convention adopted the Willey Amendment, which settled the issue of slavery and paved the way for…

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