Paw Paw

Festival Connects Community To Native Fruit

Sloping down from the WVU Coliseum to the banks of the Monongahela River, the university’s Core Arboretum comprises about 100 acres of woodland. A space on campus dedicated to trees, it's an ideal setting for the WVU PawPaw festival.

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Paw Paws And Banned Books Week On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, for the past several years, on a warm autumn afternoon at the end of September, the parking lot of West Virginia University’s Coliseum fills with visitors. But they don’t come to watch basketball. As Chris Schulz reports, they come out for the paw paw fruit.

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Searching For The Pawpaw’s Indigenous Roots

The pawpaw was important enough to the Shawnee people’s way of life that they even named a phase of the moon after it. Pawpaws were also important to the Choctaw nation. Hear how members of the Choctaw and Shawnee nations are reconnecting to their roots — and tracing their family’s stories back to Appalachia, and to pawpaws.

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