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O Pioneer, Turtle Travels And Throwing Rocks, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, Appalachians are often called mountaineers — but are they also "pioneers?" A new documentary reckons with what it means… to be a pioneer. In Michigan, an Appalachian mountain man competes in a championship tournament, for skipping stones — and we wade into a mountain wetland to search for one of the region’s most elusive creatures. 

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Encore: What Is Appalachia? We Asked People From Around The Region. Here's What They Said.

Politically, Appalachia encompasses 423 counties across 13 states — and West Virginia’s the only state entirely inside the region. That leaves so much room for geographic and cultural variation, as well as many different views on what Appalachia really is. For Inside Appalachia, we turned our entire episode over to the question, “What is Appalachia?”

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New Housing Complex Aims To Bring More Teachers To McDowell: Is It Working?

As part of an effort to encourage more teachers to live in McDowell County, a nonprofit called Reconnecting McDowell began envisioning a housing project in downtown Welch in 2011. The Renaissance Village is now officially complete, with 20 apartments in a 4-story building in downtown Welch.

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Crystal Good On Returning Home To Launch the Publication ‘Black By God’

As part of our “Returning Home” series, Roxy Todd spoke with Crystal Good, a writer and entrepreneur. Last month, she returned, with an ambition to change the media landscape in West Virginia.

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