John Henry

The Ballad Of ‘John Henry’ Elicits Varied Feelings For Some Black Appalachian Residents

Like any traditional song that has endured through generations, there are lots of versions of “John Henry.” There are also many different interpretations of the song. For some people who grew up in Black communities in Appalachia, the song elicits a variety of feelings.

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January 29, 1873: Chesapeake & Ohio Completed

On January 29, 1873, railroad officials gathered at Hawks Nest in Fayette County to drive the last spike on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. The C&O, as it…

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September 12, 1872: The Big Bend Completed

The Great Bend Tunnel, also known as the Big Bend, was completed in present-day Summers County on September 12, 1872.At more than a mile long, it cut off…

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December 22, 1981: Louis Watson Chappell Dies at 91

Louis Watson Chappell, a leading authority on West Virginia folk music, died on December 22, 1981, at age 91. The North Carolina native joined West…

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