Brittany Patterson Published

Report Finds W.Va. Lags in Energy Efficiency Policies


West Virginia is almost dead last in a nationwide ranking of energy efficiency policies released this week by the nonprofit American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

The Mountain State tied for 49th place in a ranking of energy efficiency policies nationwide, down from 47th last year. 

ACEEE releases its energy effciency state rankings annually. The group looked at what incentives are in place to help make homes, the transportation sector and appliances use less electricity. Out of a total of 50 points, West Virginia scored just 5.5.

The report finds local electric utilities do offer efficiency programs, but the state allows large customers to opt out. The group found that the state government offers programs and services to help industrial and commercial businesses become more energy efficient, but doesn’t lead by example by updating public buildings.

The report also said consumers and businesses can save money on their power bills when they increase their power savings by using energy efficient appliances, installing insulation and renovating buildings.

However, the group notes, without explicit state policies, like encouraging electric utilities to offer more robust energy efficiency programs, the savings will be limited  

Overall, Massachusetts and California lead the pack, while North Dakota and Wyoming joined West Virginia near the bottom.