Ashton Marra Published

Presidential Energy & Health Care Policies & Their Impact on W.Va.


Energy and health care. They’re the two issues in the presidential race that could have the greatest impact on West Virginians.

On this week’s Viewpoint, we look at where the Democrat Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on the two issues with a report from The Allegheny Front’s Reid Frazier and an interview with Kara Lofton, West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Appalachia Health New Coordinator. 

We also delve this week into the races for statewide office with a look at the campaigns for Treasurer and Secretary of State.

Democrat John Perdue is up for re-election this year. The long-time Treasurer has held the office for 20 years. He’s running against political newcomer Republican Ann Urling who brings 30 years of community banking to the table. 

Democratic incumbent Natalie Tennant is locked in a three-way battle to maintain her post as Secretary of State. A look at the race between Tennant, Republican Mac Warner and Libertarian John Buckley.

And a lawsuit alleges the Cabell County Clerk is violating the rights of her constituents. Anne Li has that story.