Brittany Patterson Published

Monongahela National Forest: Here's How You Hunt Ramps


As spring approaches, ramps are popping up across West Virginia. The Monongahela National Forest on Friday released guidelines for harvesting the wild onion.



Collecting ramps is allowed in the Monongahela National Forest as long as it’s for personal use. 

According to a U.S. Forest Service press release, individuals can harvest up to two gallons of ramps per person, or about the amount that fits in a plastic grocery bag. 

Harvesting for a business or commercial use is not allowed. 

The agency recommends only collecting ramps in patches with more than 100 plants and suggests taking only one-fifth of the plants in large clumps. 

This ensures the ramp patches can regenerate. Use small forks or hand trowels when digging ramp bulbs rather than large shovels. 

And after digging up a ramp, cover the bare soil with leaves to prevent invasive species from taking root, the release said.