In God We Trust: Finding The 'We'

University of Charleston


What does the national motto, “In God We Trust,” mean to Americans today?

Dr. Daniel L. Anderson, Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball, James Haught, Imam Ehteshamul Haque, Monsignor P. Edward Sadie, and Rabbi Victor Urecki explore this topic with University of Charleston President Ed Welch in a panel discussion titled, “In God We Trust: Finding the ‘We.’”

The program will air at 2 pm Monday, April 21 on West Virginia Public Radio.

“Many U.S. citizens have no idea that we even have a national motto,” Dr. Welch acknowledges.  

“So what is the significance of our having adopted it and then what do the words themselves mean? Those are the questions that will be pursued in in the conversation with these accomplished West Virginians from various backgrounds.”

Each panelist was asked ahead of time to prepare a brief essay on what “In God We Trust” means to them. The essays have been compiled into a pamphlet, which were handed out to attendees at the event.