Teresa Wills Published

Heroin's Path on Reveal

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This week on our new investigative journalism show, “Reveal,” we learn about the abuse of heroin, immigrant farmworkers, and teen prisoners and animals, including:

– An investigation by WBEZ/Chicago and The Chicago Reader explores the path heroin takes from Ciudad Juarez to Chicago and across the Midwest, where it supplies dealers, addicts and teens.

– A look at the solitary confinement of teens, many of whom are unconvicted, at Rikers Island in NYC.

– A check-in on the impact of the opiate prescription story CIR broke on the first Reveal pilot and the over prescription practices of the VA. What’s happened in the wake of a congressional hearing held within a week of that broadcast?

We also look at the questionable relationship between Hollywood film productions and the American Humane Association on protecting animals on film sets. The Hollywood Reporter produced a powerful examination of the topic and we talk with the writer who went after the story.

And we hear from a female farm worker on her experiences after she came forward to speak about the sexual abuse in the fields.

Reveal, airs Thursday April 17, at 9 p.m. on West Virginia Public Radio.