Dave Mistich Published

Gov. Justice Announces Another Round Of Additional Unemployment Benefits


Gov. Jim Justice says some West Virginians on unemployment will be able to receive an extra $400 weekly benefit.

Because of a congressional stalemate over another coronavirus relief package, an additional benefit of $600 expired on Aug. 1. The following week, President Donald Trump took executive action and called for states to cover $100 of an additional $400 to those on unemployment.

The federal portion of West Virginia’s newest round of additional benefits will come through $68.3 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. WorkForce West Virginia acting Commissioner Scott Adkins said FEMA has set aside $44 billion for states to use for the extra benefits.

Adkins said to be eligible for the additional $400, unemployed workers would have to have been able to receive at least $100 a week in standard benefits. 

If unemployed workers are not eligible for at least $100 in weekly benefits, they would still be able to receive an additional $100, but not the remaining $300.

The additional benefits are retroactive to Aug.  1.