Workers At 2 Allegheny Wood Products Mills Could Get A Reprieve

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia last week approved the sale of sawmills in Randolph and Greenbrier counties to a Pennsylvania flooring company.

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Unemployment Benefits Now Capped, Even If Inflation Rises

Under a new law, West Virginia’s maximum unemployment benefit rate will no longer adjust as inflation rises. Also, unemployed residents must prove they're seeking a job at least four times a week to receive benefits.

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Senate Changes, Passes Bill To Reduce Unemployment Benefits 

The engrossed bill that passed the Senate shaves two weeks of the current 26 weeks of unemployment benefits available to workers who have lost their job due through no fault of their own. It increases the initial benefit to up to $712 per week, or 70 percent of the original wage, for the first four weeks of unemployment. That's up from $624 per week, and 65 percent of the wage. However after those first four weeks, the benefit decreases by 5 percent of the original wage, or max benefit.

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