Dave Mistich Published

DHHR & DEP Investigating Foam on Coal River, Lincoln Co. and St. Albans Water Intakes Closed


  The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Bureau for Public Health, along with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, is investigating foam observed on the surface of the Coal River. 

According to a news release from DHHR Friday evening,  intakes at both Lincoln County Public Service District and City of St. Albans water systems have been closed. 

The DHHR says foam samples have been collected by Lincoln PSD and the Department of Environmental Protection. Testing of the samples is ongoing and initial results are expected this evening.

“After the foam was identified, the Lincoln County PSD and City of St. Albans water system water intakes were closed as a precaution and they began the sampling process shortly thereafter,” Dr. Rahul Gupta, commissioner of the DHHR Bureau for Public Health and State Health Officer said in a news release.

At this time, some of the approximately 4,900 residents served by the Lincoln PSD may lose water service until the intakes are re-opened and pumping and treatment resume, according to the DHHR.  They say water tankers are on the way to the affected area to provide potable water, if necessary.