Coming July 1 – Our Improved Weekend Radio Lineup

America's Test Kitchen

Our listeners have spoken, and we’re listening at West Virginia Public Radio!

Starting in July, we’re making improvements to our weekend schedule, based on listener surveys, ratings and other feedback.

The New Schedule is Here!

We’ll still have your favorites, like Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk.

And we’re adding some great shows to our weekend lineup – like The Splendid Table, America’s Test Kitchen – and a lot more!

Have you ever parked in your driveway, unable to leave your car until the story you’re listening to comes to an end?

That’s a driveway moment, and we’re going to be bringing you more “driveway moments” than ever with our improved Saturday schedule.

Saturday afternoon is storytime, with This American Life, Snap Judgment, The Moth, Studio 360 and the TED Radio Hour.

The hilarious Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is coming to Saturday morning, in addition to its current Sunday slot. And the compelling science and storytelling show Radiolab moves to Sunday morning at 11.

And there’s lots to like in our improved schedule for our fans of Mountain Stage – our signature live performance program.

Starting in July, you’ll be hearing a lot more Mountain Stage. Listen for it Friday and Saturday evenings, starting at 8 – it’ll even be keeping you company overnight!

We’ll also have a new time slot for Eclectopia – and a couple of new programs featuring your favorite music…with a West Virginia twist.

Our wonderful folk music programs – including the West Virginia-produced show, Sidetracks – are moving to Sunday evening, starting at 7.

We’ll be rolling out the entire schedule on July 1. Keep checking, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.