Dave Mistich Published

BINGO: Play Along During PBS NewsHour's #DemDebate


As part of our #DemDebate watch party Thursday night at the Red Carpet in Charleston, we wanted to offer a fun, interactive and digitally-driven component.  

Thanks to some great code from John Keefe and the Data News Team at WNYC, West Virginia Public Broadcasting is offering the chance for those at the event (and others at home) to engage with us during the debate.

Simply follow along with the debate and fill in your card as the event goes on. Touch (or click) the space to “cover” it and yell “BINGO!” via Twitter when you’ve got five spaces in a row.  

Watch the debate beginning at 8:30 on WVPB, or you can stream it here.

If you’re experiencing issues viewing your BINGO card via mobile, click here to launch the card in a new window.