Antolini Named WVPB Executive Director

Butch Antolini WVPB.jpg
The EBA has named Butch Antolini as West Virginia Public Broadcasting's executive director.

The West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority (EBA) voted unanimously in a special meeting Wednesday to hire Carl “Butch” Antolini as its full-time chief executive officer and executive director.

“The Educational Broadcasting Authority is pleased to appoint Mr. Antolini as the Executive Director of the EBA,” said William File, III, the chairman of the EBA. “He is responsible for West Virginia Public Broadcasting, including public radio and public television. It is a huge responsibility, and we feel he has earned the opportunity to serve as the executive director.”

Antolini has been serving as interim executive director since being appointed in October 2021.

“We have been impressed with his efforts and his passion and vision for West Virginia Public Broadcasting,” File said. “We have a very talented staff, and he has recruited some excellent new members. He has developed a good working relationship with our legislature, the governor’s office and with our supporters throughout the state. We are excited about the future of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, and we believe Mr. Antolini has the right skill set and is the right person to move us forward.”

Antolini said he is happy with the decision and looking forward to the future.

“I’m very thankful and excited that the Educational Broadcasting Authority has chosen me to lead West Virginia Public Broadcasting,” Antolini said. “While we still face many challenges, I believe that we are now poised for the future.

“During the last seven months we have filled numerous job vacancies with a multitude of talented professionals from West Virginia, and all across the nation,” Antolini added. “These people have joined our team here at West Virginia Public Broadcasting and I feel like the group we have in place is uniquely qualified to grow and improve our operations as we continue the mission of educating and informing the residents of our great state. Telling West Virginia’s story, that’s what we’re all about and what we will continue to be here at WVPB.”