Addiction Stories and Two-Doors Biscuits – Obama in WV



What impact will President Obama’s new strategy have on the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse and heroin use in West Virginia and Appalachia?

Obama announced his plan in Charleston Wednesday. It includes $133 million in funding for treatment and more training for health professionals in prescribing painkillers.

On The Front Porch podcast, we debate how to increase access to treatment – and what to do to prevent addiction in the first place (Hint: less academic testing, more social/emotional training.)

People on both sides of the political spectrum are starting to agree on the causes of the epidemic, but why is there so little action? (Hint: It may have to do with political paralysis in Congress and a lack of money.)

Also, should President Obama have spoken more about the dire economic situation critics say his environmental policies helped create?


Credit James Owston

And finally, how the President didn’t make himself any more popular, despite his name-checking of Tudor’s Biscuit World:

“One of these days, I’m going to try a TWO-DOORS biscuit,” Obama said. (That’s pronounced TOO-ders, Mr. President.)

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