Ashton Marra Published

WVPB Launches Viewpoint, Election Podcast


On Sept. 8, West Virginia Public Broadcasting is launching its newest venture in the world of podcasting: Viewpoint. 

The 2014 hour-long radio talk show is returning for the 2016 election cycle, but with a new format that allows listeners to take it with them and listen on their own time. 

The ten-week series will release an episode every Thursday evening from Sept. 8 through Nov. 10, the Thursday following Election Day, and will feature in-dept candidate interviews, stories about the issues and analysis.

“The podcast comes without restrictions and without time limits so listeners can expect to hear us really diving deep into these races and asking candidates the tough questions,” host Ashton Marra told Beth Vorhees on West Virginia Morning Thursday. 

The podcast will be available on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s website, or listeners can subscribe on iTunes.