Dave Mistich Published

West Virginia House of Delegates Eyes End of Special Session

Hanshaw, Harrison

The West Virginia House of Delegates will return to the state Capitol to finish up work on their first special session of the year. 

House Speaker Roger Hanshaw sent a letter Monday to delegates, calling on them to return to Charleston next week. 

Lawmakers in the lower chamber will return to work on Monday, July 22 to coincide with interim committee meetings, which are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. 

House spokesman Jared Hunt says they will address supplemental appropriations (Senate Bills 1056, 1057, 1058) related to an education reform measure. 

The controversial bill, which gives teachers a raise and allows for the state’s first charter schools, was approved last month and signed by Gov. Jim Justice. 

Hunt says delegates will also take up two House Bills — a supplement appropriations measure for the Department of Agriculture (House Bill 132) and a bill related to the posting of school jobs (House Bill 193). Both were amended in the Senate.

While the House plans to wrap up work and adjourn sine die, Senate spokeswoman Jacque Bland said the upper chamber will not return Monday.