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W.Va. Congressional Delegation Backs Strikes in Syria

Bashar al-Assad

West Virginia’s congressional delegation today came out in support of President Donald Trump’s decision to take action in Syria.Bashar al-Assad

Images of devastation began to surface earlier this week after what U.S. officials and observers described as a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria by the regime of Bashar al-Assad. An agreement was reached in 2013 with Assad and Russia that all chemical weapons in Syria be destroyed.

Senator Joe Manchin said after a decade of war in the Middle East, that he continues to believe America must carefully consider the implications of escalation. But he says, “yesterday’s strike was important to send a message to the Syrian regime and their Russian enablers that these horrific actions will not be tolerated.”

Senator Shelley – Moore Capito, and representatives David McKinley, Alex Mooney and Evan Jenkins agreed. Mooney said on his Facebook Page that, “Bashar al-Assad has been put on notice.” Jenkins echoed those sentiments, saying “I support President Trump’s tactical strikes on the target that carried out this atrocious act and I look forward to this administration further engaging Congress in this matter.”