Ashton Marra Published

W.Va. BOE Approves Calhoun Co. Teacher, Personnel Pay Cut


Cuts to salaries for teachers and school service personnel were approved by the state Board of Education Wednesday for one county whose bottom line is stuck in the red.

State board members approved the salary cut for Calhoun County teachers and school service personnel at their monthly meeting in Charleston. Beginning July 1, staff at four schools will see $600 less per year on their paycheck.

Terry Harless, chief financial officer for the department, said the salary supplements that were previously included in county paychecks came from a levy, but an attempt to renew that levy failed in May.

Harless added the county has been operating with more than $1 million deficit for the past three years. Without the added levy funds, the county can’t continue to afford the salary supplements.

The Calhoun County Board of Education has already approved the cuts.