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W.Va. AG Backs Right-to-Work Law

Patrick Morrisey, W. Va. Attorney General

West Virginia’s attorney general has appealed a judge’s ruling blocking the state’s new right-to-work law from taking effect while the court challenge against it continues.Patrick Morrisey, W. Va. Attorney General

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has asked the state Supreme Court to vacate the preliminary injunction, arguing that the state AFL-CIO and other unions that sued won’t face irreparable damage.

The unions maintain the law constitutes illegally taking union assets since they still have to represent all employees in a union shop including those that the law would allow to stop paying union dues.

The attorney general says the delay has created confusion, the state is hurt being unable to enforce its own laws and the unions are unlikely to win the case.

He wants the case considered before the court’s June recess.